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  1. Thank you JustSomeGuy for the head-up. Like I said, if it is only IE7 that's having problem with this Drop Down menu, I can live with that.Can you please do me a favour? If ever you get your hands on any IE7, please do a test for me. I just wanna make sure whether IE7 is the only culprit involve? Or is there any code that I can use to overcome the said problem? Or you can recommend any drop down menu that's compatible to all browsers?I gotta use drop down menu coz my sidebars are getting longer and longer and I prefer to use one post per page.Thank you again for the head-up. Really appreciate it.
  2. Thanks. Do you mean to say it is alright other than IE7? Yes, it is good news I say, coz not many of my readers are using IE7. I'm relieve to hear that. I that is so, I can live with it.Sorry, I'm not as savvy at computer as you like to think, but how do you check javascripts debugging? One more thing, it seem IE7 are not good. How do you revert back to IE6?Greeting from Malaysia.
  3. Sorry for the mess. The said drop down menu are located at the very bottom of both sidebar. On the right sidebar there are only three main menu, My Sacred Links, Recovery Links and Non-Recovery Links.On the left sidebar, there are six main menu, Wish Lists, Link Goodies, Directory, Statistics, Previous Posts and Archive. I hope you can find them.Greeting from Malaysia.
  4. I just noticed that my drop down menu didn't work when I'm using IE7. It worked fine in FireFox. Please help me how to make the drop down menu work in both browsers.My url is http://arahman7.blogspot.com/I thank you in advance.
  5. 1. I viewed my post after I published my latest post, "I'm Baaaack!!!" and I noticed the said post including its title and my welcome notice become centered as though I've used 'div align=center' tag.2. Ironically, when I clicked on the same post located under "Previous Posts" header, the post and it content looked alright, the way it should looked.3. Please help me. I couldn't find what causes it. 4. I hope you understand what I'm trying to say. English is not my language.5. Greeting from Malaysia.
  6. I've deleted all target="_blank" tags on my template. The condition is still the same, Ste. All links on both sidebars are unclickable!It's ok Ste. Thanks for the help.
  7. Gee, thanks Ste. I did delete _blank tag before I paste it up again coz I found out it was still unclickable in IE. I'm going to delete all _blank tags after I submitting this reply and see how it goes.For conversation sake, why is it the links on my post are clickable even though all those links contain _blank tag?And thanks Ste for the info and work-around.
  8. Are you sure, Ben3001? I just opened up My Journey To Recovery in IE7 and still the link lists on both sidebars are unclickable!The link lists are on my right and left sidebar, eg Previous Posts, Archives and Recovery Links (on left sidebar). My Sacred Links and Non-Recovery Links on the right sidebar.And yes, it opened up to a new window coz I still used "_blank" tag.I'm wondering, if you can clicked and opened up the links to a new window, is it possible that there is something wrong with my computer coz I can't opened up the links? But then Ben3001, I received many messages from my recovery friends and readers that say they can't click and open up the links.I'm confused but I guess my plea for help which I pasted on top of my blog, stay. Did you see it, Ben3001? That's how serious I am to solve this problem. Anyway, thanks Ben3001 for the head-up. I really appreciate it.
  9. My url is http://arahman7.blogspot.com. If you're using Internet Explorer, you will find that my link lists on both sidebars are unclickable (link lists like, My Sacred Links, Recovery links, Archieves etc). Ironically, those same links are clickable in FireFox.From my stat-meter, I found out that most of my readers are using Internet Explorer. Please help me to understand why are my link lists are not clickable on both browsers?I don't know what causes it. I never had any problem like that before. It happened about a week ago. Please tell me what should I do to make those link lists clickable on both browsers?I thank you in advance.
  10. Selamat petang as in good afternoon.I'm Noor Azman from Malaysia. Got a lot to learn about HTML and all that jazz. I got many, many questions to ask and may asked some stupid questions but please bear with me. I'm what you called a newbie and I hope to learn as many as I can from you good folks here, @ W3Schools Forum.That's all for now. And I thank you in advance for any help given.
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