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  1. Hi I have a div to which assigned a html page using div's innerhtml property.I wrote a function in that html page to find mouse position .I am getting event object on that function when mouse click on the div but this always return undefined.Anyidea?
  2. There is a cgi program running in some servers.I need to access and pass some function name to that program,that function is in a c++ program.If its successful the c++ return result and php get the result.This is the required situation.But unfortunately i could not establish these things.
  3. Can anybody help me to access a cgi file using php?
  4. I tried to change the title bar name of a popup window using document.title from a javascript function.But instead of changing the name it still displays the entire url address on title bar.Any idea?
  5. Thanks Ingolme, Its working and every 2 second its fires up checkstat function
  6. Hi How can setInterval function be added to head element. i want setInterval('checkstat()', 2000) to be created dynamically.i tried var head=document.getElementById('head'); var newscript = document.createElement('script'); newscript .type = 'text/javascript'; newscript .setInterval=function(){'checkstat()', 2000}; head.appendChild(newscript ); but it seems to be not working.
  7. Hi How can we get or set the color of a title bar?
  8. But, is it possible with javascript?
  9. How can we rotate(angled) element in html page?
  10. Hi When i use prompt window in internet explorer ,its edit area shows undefined.How can i remove that?(I think there is no problem is in ie6,but ie7 has problem).Thanks
  11. Hi I like to know how to delete a parent Id without deleting other parents?.i used prototype frame work to find ids.let child be an element id.i like to delete child and its parent.Theparent is a div. parent=$(child ).ancestors(); parentId=parent[0].id; $(parentId).remove(); This code deleting the parent and child.But the problem is some times other elements at the level of parent also deleted from the page(when refreshing that elements redisplays).any idea?
  12. hi I mean there are lot of content on the browser window ,like w3schools page.I want to convert it in to a jpg or gif format using php or javascript .How should i accomplish this?
  13. How do i make the entire output in a browser window to a image?
  14. background-color:transparent is not working in Internet explorer.background:transparent should be used .thanks
  15. thanks when i change it to gif it pretty well working in both ie and firefox.one more questionhow should i make transparent the input type text background from white(in ie)?
  16. Thanks justsomeguy, That's working in ffox exactly as u said.I have three more questions.1)There is a problem with it in ie.How i overcome this?(i am getting black fill)2)I created a function for line. function line(){ $image= imagecreatetruecolor(250,25);$trans_color = imagecolorallocate($image, 0, 0, 0);$color = imagecolorallocate($image, 220, 210, 60);imagecolortransparent($image, $trans_color);imagefill($image, 0, 0, $trans_color); $line_color = imagecolorallocate ($image,220, 210, 60);imageline($image, 40, 0, 240, 0, $line_color);imagepng ($image);imagedestroy($image); } but there is a canvas height more than the height of the line.If i reduce $image= imagecreatetruecolor(250,25); to $image= imagecreatetruecolor(250,10);then there is no line visible.How should i create line exactly as the line thickness?3)how should i make transparent the input type text background from white?
  17. Hi I have to create transparent shapes(rectangle,circle,etc.Background should be transparent) .Is it possible?
  18. I cleard all errors that exists in the script.(error_reporting(E_ALL) used for report).Uploading and display done in single page .What might be the prob?
  19. Hi The png image doesnot displayed after resizing.when enable header("Content-Type: image/png"); a error mesage appears The image "img.php" cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.I found and cleared all warning and errors and buffering disabled.But no use.jpg,gif format working.Is it a bug?
  20. But i didn't get the desired result.Is their any problem with my code?
  21. Actually i already commented the str_replace.The program is in the testing stage.So currently no link available to give.The html source is <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"><html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"><head><meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1" /><title>Chat</title><script type="text/javascript" src="scripts/prototype.js"></script><style type="text/css"><!--a:link { text-decoration:none;}a:visited { text-decoration: none;}a:hover { text-decoration: none;}a:active { text-decoration: none;}.style1 { color: #FFFFFF; font-family: "Times New Roman", Times, serif;}--></style></head><body bgcolor="#999999"> <table width="550" border="1" align="center" bgcolor="#EBEBEB" style="border:thin"> <tr> <td height="23" colspan="2" bgcolor="#F0F0F0"> <div id="menu"> <table> <tr><td>File</td> <td>View</td><td></td><td ></td><td><label id=""> <font color="#FF9900">Chatting with user10</font></label></td> </tr> </table> </div> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width="437" bgcolor="#EBEBEB" valign="top"> <!--<div id="getData" style="overflow:scroll; width:437px; height:250px;background-color:#FFFFFF;">--> <div style="overflow:auto;width:437px; height:250px;background-color:#FFFFFF;"> <div id="getData" style="width:400px; "> <font color="#000099" size="-2" face="Times New Roman, Times, serif"><span id="offtext"></span></font></div> </td> <td width="97" rowspan="2" valign="top" bgcolor="#F0F0F0"> <div id="users"> <table> <tr><td valign="top"> <font color="#0000FF"><a href="#" onclick="java script:openNewPopup('<br /><br />,user1')" > user1<br></a></font> <font color="#0000FF"><a href="#" onclick="java script:openNewPopup('<br /><br />,user4')" > user4<br></a></font> <font color="#0000FF"><a href="#" onclick="java script:openNewPopup('<br /><br />,user7')" > user7<br></a></font><br />,user10')" > user10<br></a></font> </td></tr> </table> </div> </div> </td> </tr> <tr> <td height="69" colspan="1"> <div id="submitData"> <textarea id="submitText" cols="52" rows="3" style="overflow-y:auto;" ></textarea> <input type="hidden" id="user" value="admin" /> <input type="hidden" id="partner" value="user10" /> <input type="hidden" id="winstat"value="1" /> <input type="button" name="send" id="send" value="Send" onclick="sendData()" /> </div> </td> </tr></table> <script language="javascript"> function openNewPopup(username){ username=username.split(','); user_id=username[0]; partner_id=username[1]; window.open("chat.php?user=" + escape(user_id) +"&partner=" +escape(partner_id),"","status=yes,menubar=no,width=565,height=450"); } new Ajax.Request(file+'?'+str, { method:'get', onSuccess: function(transport){ var response = transport.responseText; handleResponse(response); }, onFailure: function(){ alert('Cannot load data, something went wrong...') } }); function handleResponse(response) { $('offtext').innerHTML =response; } file=file+'?'+str; new Ajax.Request(file, { method:'get', onSuccess: function(transport1){ var response1 = transport1.responseText; handleResponse1(response1); }, onFailure: function(){ alert('Cannot load data, something went wrong...') } }); function handleResponse1(response1) { var getData=$('getData').innerHTML; if(response1!=null){ $('getData').innerHTML =response1+getData; } } </script></body></html>
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