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    Css Resolution Support

    Currently I am just in the process of creating one website and I made the decision when started that it would be best to design in a 750px wide box for a collective business site. What it is is the "enterprise" is a company that is made up of other smaller companies that provide different services which are all linked by the enterprise company. The opening site, for the enterprise portion, would be a rather simple site that links off to the separate businesses. This opening site would be 750px and centered on the screen. Now that I have taken a break from the project(it is for my brother) and
  2. Deirdre's Dad won't argue about document.write being discouraged.
  3. System

    PHP Book

    PHP and MySQLI picked up this book last year and just started reading it again. There is a newer edition of it out and I haven't heard anything bad about it.System
  4. LOL thanks spoonraker. With how many hours I am getting at my actual job I will have to try and create it there lol. ###### of a year this is turning out to be.David
  5. I am more worried about doing something wrong, that he may not even know is wrong, so I am covering all the bases I can before I go about it. I did some more reading on PHP today and it will help out website design a ton from what I can tell, not layouts, but content and such.David
  6. Well, in all honesty, I don't think that the idea will really get anywhere, but he asked for help so I will try lol! This is a new venture to him so they don't really have any color schemes and they hardly even use the internet themselves. 790px does sound a ton more accomadating and I appreciate the input. This is something I feel must be terrible for the professionals out there, asked about projects and given no information. I tried asking him questions about what he wanted, but he just kept saying, "Do what you think is best". What I think and what he wants are probably totally different an
  7. Yea, thats the thing... other than the information provided I didn't get jack for "wants" for the site or about the people he plans to have use it. I just know they are from Romania and are going to be employed in the USA for part of the year. I hate to end up leaving scrollbars and I created a site using all em to have it fully scale, but that was just a news site and nothing business like about it. I don't think I am qualified at all for it, but he wanted me to give it a shot so I figured I would. All I agreed to do in the end is the layout not the content as I told him I don't know anywhere
  8. Warning: Terribly sorry about the long detailed post, but I just wanted to include as much information about the project at hand rather than just creating many questions on details I may have left out. If I didn't include it, it most likely means I have no idea/haven't thought about it yet. Thank you for your time.Well greetings to start... and then a brief introduction on how I got into this predicament. I went into work this afternoon only to be confronted by a high school friend and this friend had a proposition for me, something I am not sure I am ready to handle. He asked me if I could pu
  9. Ah thanks Croatiankid, that would explain why it is fine in Firefox and not IE lol, I did the fixed banner size fix that I stupidly messed up. I think I am almost done with my first site.System
  10. I was using ems so it would scale when the user changed text size so the whole page would scale together. I figured why half it and just go with all ems so the whole thing is scalable, at least that is what I am lead to believe. I was building it in 1024x768 resolution and having it all done with ems or %, which I am not even sure is the best way, but eh not sure what else to do with it.System
  11. Well, what I have done is tried to color the background of each div differently to aid in seeing the layout and how the different divs are working together. I am unsure of how the two different background colors would matter much as I would like the banner div to be the size of the image and no more. If there is a reason for why there is a small line of extra banner space I guess I just need to know why it is there. With the banner having a seperate color I could tell if the image was filling up the entire banner div, which it does, except for the one small line.. maybe 2-3 pixels thick at the
  12. EDIT: Added rest of HTML(Edit replaced several things, none important) This is one of my first serious build attempts and any advice is welcome, it is just the beginning so a lot of stuff is left over from my earlier attempt at it and I have come back to fix it up using just CSS and no tables.Everything else shouldn't be needed, right? I have all the <div>s properly opened and closed, but for some reason the code below causes a red strip of background color to be visible below the banner image. At work, gotta run, will check back soon, thanks if you can find the time to try and help me f
  13. I am still very new with building sites and it is just frustrating at this point. I know the syntax and how to do the basics, but anything more than that and I hit a wall. I can make an okay looking site, but no where near what I will need to be able to do. I will try and start working with percentages and such, it is just hard working 45+ hours a week, getting chores done and still trying to have some fun in life while also learning the ins and outs of web design.System
  14. Yes, I have been using Divs for different sections of my practice pages. I use a container which then includes banner/left/content/right/footer inside of it to do the layout rather than using tables. I just wasn't sure if it was the norm to use a scaling site or a static sized site.System
  15. I am just curious since this topic was brought up... what do people generally build if they are using CSS and a tableless layout? Do they build a site with a specific resolution in mind or is it best to have it be able to fit in different resolutions? I am new to learning CSS and now that I have found CSS I never plan to do a table layout unless I am specifically asked to by a future customer, if I ever get a customer lol. I understand HTML and have checked into the XHTML differences and other than a few closing tags not much is changing from how I coded my HTML. CSS is something that I unders
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