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  1. I'm sorry, but I still can't get it to work.My code:$command = "psexec -d -i C:\a.bat";passthru($command);When I run that command in the command prompt, a.bat is opened without error. Now, when I visit the webpage where this script is located, it finishes loading and everything, it just doesn't start a.bat. I have checked, and neither psexec.exe nor cmd.exe is running after I run this script. I have tried countless variations; system(), exec(), and also all the different combinations for psexec (\\, -s, -u username, -p password, among others).
  2. I don't think my batch file is even started, since the command prompt never pops up. I tried adding 'exit' to the end of the batch file (after the line with "start C:\Progra~1\uTorrent\uTorrent.exe"), but it didn't work. I had planned on using PsTools, but first I have to get this working.I don't care about the output - is there any function that does not wait for the output and just runs the file? (I have tried system(), passthru() among others as well, all of them results in this error)Maybe my php configuration is incorrect? Is there any setting which could cause this problem? (I have tried with register_globals both on and off)
  3. I have experienced some issues concerning this.Now, when I try to visit the file with the script in it (commands.php) via the web browser, it simply won't finish loading.It just keeps on spinning, without displaying any output at all, and chrome says "Loading...".When I change the command to be executed to an invalid one (random letters), the page loads just fine. Does anyone have an idea what my problem might be?
  4. First of all; I'm not sure this is in the right section. Please feel free to move it if you deem that necessary.I'd like to know, as topic title states, if there is any way to use a web interface to execute a batch script on the host machine, which will be my home computer?I haven't got any particular server software installed at the moment, so if there is a particular one I need there's no problem.Is there any way to achieve this at all? To make the host machine preform actions simply by using a web interface? I'm not talking about VPN services like LogMeIn or anything like that, just pure HTML with an input button.Thanks in advance!NickBomb
  5. Hi. I am working on a site, but the main content box hasn't turned out as I wanted it.Here is the HTML: <div class="main"><div class="maintop"><div class="maintopleft"/><div class="maintitle">rubrik</div><div class="maintopright"/></div><div class="mainmiddle"><div class="mainmiddleleft"/><div class="maincontent">tjallojj</div><div class="mainmiddleright"/></div><div class="mainbottom"><div class="mainbottomleft"/><div class="mainbottomright"/></div></div> And here is the CSS: div.main {height:40%;overflow:hidden;}div.maintop {background-image:url(aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa/2/INC/IMG/main/top_middle.png);background-repeat:repeat-x;height:51px;width:100%;}div.maintopleft {background-image:url(bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb/2/INC/IMG/main/top_left.png);float:left;height:51px;width:56px;}div.maintitle {float:left;height:51px;padding-top:15px;}div.maintopright {background-image:url(aaaaaaaaaa/2/INC/IMG/main/top_right.png);float:right;height:51px;width:56px;}div.mainmiddle {background-image:url(bbbbbbbbb/2/INC/IMG/main/middle_middle.png);background-repeat:repeat-x;height:51px;width:100%;}div.mainmiddleleft {background-image:url(cccccccccccccc/2/INC/IMG/main/middle_left.png);float:left;height:51px;width:56px;}div.maincontent {float:left;}div.mainmiddleright {background-image:url(aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa/2/INC/IMG/main/middle_right.png);float:right;height:51px;width:56px;}div.mainbottom {background-image:url(bbbbbbbbbbbbbbb/2/INC/IMG/main/bottom_middle.png);background-repeat:repeat-x;height:51px;width:100%;}div.mainbottomleft {background-image:url(hccccccccccccccccccc2/INC/IMG/main/bottom_left.png);float:left;height:51px;width:56px;}div.mainbottomright {background-image:url(blablabla/2/INC/IMG/main/bottom_right.png);float:right;height:51px;width:56px;} Please help me
  6. Yay, I fixed it :)Thanks for your help.
  7. Hi, I have a DIV that acts as a menu.Or, actually, I have 4 divs organized as follows:<div class="leftmenu"> <div class="leftmenutop">Title</div> <div class="leftmenumiddle">Text</div> <div class="leftmenubottom"/></div></div>They have different background images, so it looks like a "box".I want the leftmenumiddle-div to resize so it's contents fits, even if I put more content than it's height.I've tried overflow:auto, but it didn't work.I hope you understand my problem, and that you can help me
  8. My script does'nt work as I want to...This is my java script: var name = ""; function alertname() { name = document.getElementById('textname'); alert('welcome, '+ namn +'!'); } This is the HTML: <input type="text" value="" size="20" name="textname" id="textname" maxlength="20"><br><br><input type="button" id="buttonbörjaspela" value="Go!" onClick="alertname()"> The alert says:Welcome, [object HTMLInputElement]!I have no idea what's wrong...Please help...
  9. Thank you VERY much!I did not know you could do that the randomizing just randomizes a integer, thank you very much!!How do I do that it randomizes i.e. a integer between 1 - 50? is it just to putvar r = parseInt(Math.random() * 50)or is it more advanced?
  10. Ok....But I don't get where to replace, when I changed it, it still gave the same error (syntax error).Sorry for such n00bieness, but I really don't get these => and == and === and >= and.... well operators in short Can you make the code correct? if you have time and if you want to...
  11. Hi!I need help with an if thingie: var r=Math.random() if (r<=0.1) // 1 { monsternamn = "Råtta" document.getElementById('textmonsternamn').value=monsternamn; monsterhp = 10 monsterexp = 10 document.getElementById('textmonsterhp').value=monsterhp; } else if (r=>0.1 && r<=0.3) //2 { monsternamn = "Padda" document.getElementById('textmonsternamn').value=monsternamn; monsterhp = 7 monsterexp = 7 document.getElementById('textmonsterhp').value=monsterhp; } else if (r=>0.2 && r<=0.4) //3 { monsternamn = "Groda" document.getElementById('textmonsternamn').value=monsternamn; monsterhp = 5 monsterexp = 5 document.getElementById('textmonsterhp').value=monsterhp; } else if (r=>0.3 && r<=0.5) //4 { monsternamn = "Vägg" document.getElementById('textmonsternamn').value=monsternamn; monsterhp = 100 monsterexp = 100 document.getElementById('textmonsterhp').value=monsterhp; } else if (r=>0.4 && r<=0.6) //5 { monsternamn = "Gris" document.getElementById('textmonsternamn').value=monsternamn; monsterhp = 14 monsterexp = 14 document.getElementById('textmonsterhp').value=monsterhp; } else if (r=>0.5 && r<=0.7) //6 { monsternamn = "Noshörning" document.getElementById('textmonsternamn').value=monsternamn; monsterhp = 55 monsterexp = 55 document.getElementById('textmonsterhp').value=monsterhp; } else if (r=>0.6 && r<=0.8) //7 { monsternamn = "Älg" document.getElementById('textmonsternamn').value=monsternamn; monsterhp = 43 monsterexp = 43 document.getElementById('textmonsterhp').value=monsterhp; } else if (r=>0.7 && r<=0.9) //8 { monsternamn = "Fågel" document.getElementById('textmonsternamn').value=monsternamn; monsterhp = 10 monsterexp = 10 document.getElementById('textmonsterhp').value=monsterhp; } else if (r=>0.8) // 9 { monsternamn = "Mask" document.getElementById('textmonsternamn').value=monsternamn; monsterhp = 1 monsterexp = 1 document.getElementById('textmonsterhp').value=monsterhp; } I get syntax error in: else if (r=>0.1 && r<=0.3) //2 Please help, I don't get what's wrong...
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