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  1. hi. To hide an element i am setting display property to "none" and to display it again i am just removing "none" that means i am setting display property to ""(empty) using java script and my element get displayed so why should i use "block" then and what is the use of it?
  2. Hi, i am in need of urgent help. I have created a web template using bootstrap. I have created a "collapseble" nav bar and used "parallax, jquery single page nav" to scroll on the same page smoothly.This worked fine. There is no problem in it. After that according to the requirement i have used "affix" to have a div on top of the menu bar. suddenly my nav bar when collapsed (i mean on mobile devices) not working properly. It is showing a strange behavior. When nav bar got collapsed for the first time when the page gets loaded if i click on the nav bar the menu bar is sliding down and when i click on the menu item of the menu where the page scrolls to that section, the slided down menu bar is automatically getting slided up without me pressing on the collapsed menu button. After the page slides to that particular section when i click on the collapsed menu it is not working at all. I am attaching my home page where the problem persists. Can somebody help me fix this issue. home.zip
  3. Hi I have an absolute div on my html page. my requirement is when i click on the rest of the page (other than the absolute div) the div's display should become none. I mean the div should not be displayed. How can i achieve this? any simple solution? Please help.
  4. The div is not floated or fixed. It is a normal block level div.
  5. i am checking with developer tools of the browser and also my header which is included in html does not grow to the div width. if i grow the body size by specifying width in pixels then everything is fine but i want to grow it automatically.
  6. I have removed width 100% from css but still the width of the body is not growing up to the width of the div which is greater than the screen size.
  7. I have a html page. the body and html tags are set to 100% width and height. Now the html is up to the size of browser window. but i have a div in my body which is greater than the screen width(browser window). So scrollbars are appearing. this is fine but body is not growing according to the width of the div. how to solve this problem?
  8. I have a text field. i need to display some text by default. when user tries to types some text in the text field the default text should disappear and should allow the user to type in the text. This is same as "placeholder" in html 5. How can i achieve this in html4?
  9. city, district and state are drop downs. where id is the value and display name is the string. so when the form is submitted i get the id only at the back end.
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