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  1. hi guys.. i got his Type mismatch error..Type mismatch: 'CLng' here's half the code... If Trim(RstINVENCode(0)) = "123" Then INCode = ITEMCODE & "-" & YR & "0001" Else ICode = RstINVENCode(0) strIC = Mid(ICode,13,7) strcode = Mid(strIC, 3, 4) strcode = CLng(strcode) + 1 OLDYear = cstr(Mid(strIC, 1, 2)) if (clng(OLDYear)+1) = clng(YR) then strcode = "0001" strcode = Clng(strcode) end if The error is in t
  2. @bc

    Flash & ASP

    Hi..I need help on this:In flash, i duplicate a movieclip.. the new MC's coordinate (x, y) will be stored in database (i'm doing drag and drop).. so, my problem is when i open the flash file, i want all the MC (which has been duplicated before) appear in its own location. Means, in asp i have to read all the coordinate and then pass the coordinate data to flash, so that each MC will be on its own position/coordinate.. but i dont know how to do this..
  3. @bc

    ASP in FLASH

    hello evryone!how do we send data from ASP file to flash file? its something like this...from flash to asp to dbase to asp to flash... how to do this?
  4. @bc

    XML in ASP/Javascript

    dear hack..tQ.. by the way.. if i wanted to read the file from flash mx, how to do that? let say in flash, i click one button and it should read the data from the asp file..
  5. @bc

    XML in ASP/Javascript

    Dear hacknsack,tQ! by the way i still didnt gt it work! i'm doing something like this:- Let say i have an ASP file called createXML.asp- The file should create or generate an XML file called abc.xml- It also should read the data from Dbase and write/put it in abc.xml.- So, let say the createXML.asp file will do: select * from book. Then, all the data from the table 'Book' will be written in abc.xml not in createXML.asp.
  6. @bc

    XML in ASP/Javascript

    hello evryone! i'm trying to generate an xml file using asp.. the case is:i'm reading data from database.. and then, i should write or put the data into an xml file.. how to generate xml file using asp? how to write the data in the xml file using asp? how to create the xml file in asp? hope someone can help.. tQ!
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