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  1. What video format should be usd for large video files? I have several video files (their size is around 50 - 150 MB). I can convert them into most of the used formats, but all the conversions do result in similar sizes. Which video format is better (I definitely want streaming video) and how do I embed the videos into the web page. I already used the Dreamweaver 8 and either it gives me (in quicktime mov file) very small and ugly jugged picture, or it does not produce any video at all.Any help is appreciated.
  2. I'm trying to make my page display additional text information when "Read more" link or button or checkbox are clicked. I created a test variable determine the flow of the switch, but it looks like it is being initialized every time the asp file is being loaded. I tried to declare this variable in Global.asa file or any other asp file onsite, but the same reinitalization happens again and again. Is there place I can see similar code or is there any good book that teaches about the flow of the asp code inside html? Also how do I code in onClick function to change the variable inside Response.Write function? I did it this way, but the code did not produce any results: If printAll = True ThenResponse.Write("...")End If... <%Response.Write(" <a href="""&"index.asp"" ""onClick="printAll=True""><img src = ""images/icon-more.gif"" width=""13"" height=""13"">")Response.Write("Read More</a></li>")%>Also how could I reload the page index.asp so that modifications to the variable would remain?I got a little confused about the " signs in the next to last Response.Write statement, but the script reader did not complain and the page got loaded.Thank you for help!I'd really appreciate if you could advise about any good ASP/VBScript/HTML tutorial (that talks about their interaction and not about each of them separately)
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