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  1. This is video to guy Draw by html ,Enjoy .I wanna your opinionshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NqFOB77jLaE
  2. I think , it's like this <a href="yourfile.mpg">....</a>
  3. Ok.thnx ..but i hope that members share there domains to know which one is the most popular between our members here in w3s
  4. I mean in the free domains like { my-place.us} So we can see which free domain is th best and the most popular..and i'll change that {used} ..thnx and welcome
  5. Free Domains---------------------Put your recent free Domain..That you have...e.g: I have one from {my-place.us}So tell me what's yours?And We will See the Most popular free Domain ...Thnx In advance
  6. I got it that's why I edited it ..thnx anyway
  7. I think u can put them in table ,and make the cellspacing="0" ..Or sth like that ...
  8. Good work,but I have some notes ,I put them in the picture...>>>the colours {the fonts \the background}...Good luck .Regards,Tariq
  9. Thnx very much ,and thnx for the P.M But what's the server side scripting?---Sorry ,Iu wanna me use the xml or php ?
  10. Can I ask u question?...Why u r talking with this stupid way ..and where\who are those egyptian men that u mean ? ..Next time speak with polite way..ok? ...
  11. See this , http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uOwerd_CIwk {or} this ,I want comment form like that ..I gave u example now and make it easy ..And am sorry for my little english ...thnx 4 help .
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