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  1. I would doubt it too, but these guys are clever and know how the system works... corrupt attorneys or even Judges maybe under investigation right now.
  2. Okay, I found one... I was just looking for a public proxy server that would allow me to get around a block on a site where the top guy finally complied with a DMCA take down order that was necessary due to my account being disabled preventing me from accessing the material and making edits or deletions. He apologized for the delay and restored my access and then within about 12 hours I was unable to access anything on the site. This led to a traceroute and finally the discovery that there was a net block for a whole range of address, preventing me from changing addresses to overcome the block. Basically I just wanted to be able to contact him again and see if he had changed his mind or what the problem was since the only way was through the site message system since no email or fax number is provided for the site and to see what had happened to my other content. The site may actually be stealing ideas and content from users who post material through the wording of it Terms of Service agreement. It appears that in the comment sections for each publication there is a deliberate effort to antagonize the user through belittlement and other techniques in hopes of causing the user to utter a profanity or the like so the site can then justify cutting the user off and claiming ownership of his content. I haven't made a final determination but it would be a shame for such a nice site with such a high potential to be shut down for lack of integrity and theft.
  3. Essentially, yes. I guess my association with a proxy server is like an Internet server that has both an Internet and a local connection and does basically the same thing I'm trying to do except for the proxy server in this case not being a part of the local Internet but a server located somewhere else on the Internet. Makes sense that you would still call it a proxy server, its just that I never thought of it that way.So are there a bunch of them out there that do that very thing or is there no real need for an Internet based proxy service, excluding the Google server of course?
  4. At the moment I'm not looking for a hosting service but just the ability to view an HTML web page through a server that has been setup similar to the way some traceroute servers have been setup in that the trace originates from the server instead of from the client address. I am looking for servers that have been setup to provide the same service except for accessing HTML web pages from the server instead of doing a traceroute.
  5. Neither have any effect. I tried the info snippet with both standard generated HTML tags and with totally nothing else and I still get a blank page on the client even after clearing the buffer.So I guess this means that PHP is not supported on the server. Would you know of any servers that are setup to act in this capacity such that the URL can be provided through a form on client "x" that will direct server "B" to display the HTML web page from server "A"?
  6. What would be the Java equivalent of the following PHP code? <?php$html = file_get_contents("http://www.google.com/index.html");echo "html: <br>" . nl2br(htmlentities($html));?>
  7. Thanks for the code. I embedded it between <body> and </body> tags and tried it on two different servers, one Linux, the other UNIX. While it does not generate and error page, a blank page is all I get.The serves do not seem to be wired for PHP. I've tried some Javascript and it seems to work ok. What would be the equivalent code in Java, or should I ask this in the Java section?
  8. I'm new so here's hoping I used the right button do do this reply...Is there any example code I can look at to see how the above is accomplished since it would seem with this method that I would end up getting only the HTML files after they had already been downloaded to server "B"...?
  9. Is there a script to do a server side download of an HTML web page on server "A" using a PHP server-side script running on server "B" for display on client "X"?
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