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  1. K, thanks for your replies, guess i know what to do the next. Hash
  2. Dear every professional who may help,Currently I'm doing a flash project which is working like a desktop for windows xp. This is meant, within the flash there will be contented a backgroud (so-call wallpaper with some animation) and then content some default buttons for windows xp's desktop, such as My Computers, My Documents, Recycle Bin, and a software application shortcut from an original (.exe file, eg: Flash.exe)However, I was facing a problem that, I dont know which action script i should use to open an explorer.exe and open the My Computers, My Documents, Recycle Bins and open a software. Eg: When I click the My computer button within the flash that I've made, then an Explorer.exe will pop up with the page of My Computers.Guess, all the professional here understand what do i mean, Hopefully anyone of you can lend me a hand for settling this problem. (Notes: This flash is offline usage)Thanks for ya kindness solution if do.Hash
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