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  1. yes. i am still getting the same problem.The phpinfo page can be found at www.bellgroveafc.com/phpinfo.phpI have also found a folder called php at the location of /home/bellg980/ is there any possibility of making the changes in there at all? as all the folders appear to be empty.
  2. hey JustI tried that other option and yet i am still getting the same error moving file.. sooo annoying now lol
  3. Hey guys sorry for the late replyI have made the changes suggested by both of you's and after adding php_admin_value to the .htaccess file my site has since went down and produces this error: Internal Server ErrorThe server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Please contact the server administrator, webmaster@bellgroveafc.com and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error. More information about this error may be available in the server error log. Additionally, a 500 I
  4. Sorry forgot about phpinfo.php (located at /home/bellg980/public_html) 644 highlights.php (located at /home/bellg980/public_html/MembersArea/Highlights/) 664 This file is being used at the moment but will be used to player the selected video.
  5. Ok These are the changes i have made since the topic has been started:.htaccess (located at /home/bellg980/public_html): SetEnv PHPRC "/home/bellg980/public_html" php.ini (located at /home/bellg980/public_html): upload_tmp_dir = "/home/bellg980/public_html/tmp1" Permissions:/tmp (located at /home/bellg980/) 777 /tmp1(located at /home/bellg980/public_html/) 777 /MembersArea (located at /home/bellg980/public_html/) 777 /Highlights (located at /home/bellg980/public_html/MembersArea/) 777 /Videos (located at /home/bellg980/public_html/MembersArea/Highlights/) 777 upload_highlight
  6. Yeah Don the whole hosting company are having some issue with slow or unresponsive connections Here is the message: Slow/unresponsive websites We have recently received numerous reports regarding slow connectivity to our services (website/cPanel/Webmail). We have forwarded this issue to our system department and have contacted the datacenter technicians as well. The issue seems to be affecting just some part of our clients, particularly the ones using Comcast provider. What we have observed so far, is that the connection is broken of at a node in the middle of the network pathway in the Co
  7. hey guys after doing some investigating into my files through the cpanel File Manager and found a folder called /tmp in this location /home/bellg980/ I have since changed the permissions on this page and have now managed to get a connection reset error now.. I do hope that this is down the issue the hosting company are experiencing at the moment.. However does not do me any good during testing lol. the page used to load up to the move function but since the changes to the /tmp permissions the page has been taking too long to load
  8. hey justsomeguy i have created the php.ini file as well as the phpinfo.php page however the change does not seem to have taken effect
  9. Hi Don thanks for explaining it for me it confirms what i was think however having added the two lines of code i am getting this message from them on the page:PHPRC=/home/bellg980/public_htmlPHPRC=/home/bellg980/public_htmldoes that mean that my location of the /tmp folder should be inside there?What do they mean?? Thanks
  10. in any of the php pages or the upload_highlight.php page sorry i am new to this stuff with php.
  11. Hi don, I have tried that in the past still with the same outcome... did they not tell you that you are not allowed to move a file from the tmp folder to a folder that is created into your own folder in your account.. You are allowed to move any file form with in your account.. Is it getting the file uploaded to a location in my account that i need to crack first but he is saying that is not allowed then i do not understand how i ment to move the file..Let me see if i have the correct.. The file is being uploaded from a form using the muiltipart/form-data and POST method with an action to
  12. Hi justsomeguy i have decided against using this form of checking and if you look at the Missing File after upload topic (Which you have already)you will be able to see the situtation i am now in..
  13. i was told from the hosting company that /home/bellg980/public_html was equal to just using /public_html/I will give it a try though no harm in it i guess. UPDATE!! After changing the paths i am still in the same situtation where nothing in the phpinfo has been changed..The webpage to upload a video file is: www/bellgroveafccom/MemebrsArea/Highlights/highlight_upload.php(if uploading you will require a mp4 file less than 20mb)(3-5 mins video will be fine)The upload script will run and appear with echo's through out details values stored in the variables being used up until it gets to the
  14. Hi i started with this code and had the same issue with it i have since manage to update the code to allow the file to uploaded to the server's tmp folder (however this is now where i am stuck as i am not allowed to move the file fue to hosting security reason and i am in the process of trying to find out how to change the server tmp location to a location with in my own account folder..Here is a link to the topic i had created.. in here you will be able to see the code as well.. Hope its helpshttp://w3schools.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=50284
  15. Hi Don the hosting company are from your side of the pond lol. Its an American company called Hosting24.Yes after log in i am presented with a option to sign into my cpanel where i have made and set up my database tables through myphpadmin. I have now uploaded the new phpinfo page and can be found at www.bellgroveafc.com/phpinfo.php Hope that helps a little i have also included the .htaccess page along with the new php.ini file.htaccess SetEnv PHPRC /public_html php.ini upload_tmp_dir = /public_html/tmp1 (using tmp1 to tell the difference between my own tmp folder and the server's tmp
  16. Hey don you should work for this hosting company haha waste of bloody time had more info from you than all of them put together ha..I have made up a new folder called /tmp1 along with a new file called php.ini (inside this file i have added the line 'upload_tmp_dir = /public_html/tmp1') also inside the .htaccess file i have added this line: 'SetEnv PHPRC /public_html;' as per instructions from the hosting company... public_html is apparently is my root folder /home/bellg980 is invalid :S I am unfortunately still getting the same error message. Have i done something wrong or missed some
  17. After discussing at length with the hosting company they are saying that i have to make some changes to my script in order for it to upload the file to the Videos folder..They say that i have to make the function use my home directory (public_html) instead of main server's tmp directory and now i feel like a man left in the desert with no water lmao.. Does any know if there is a possible tutorial on how to do this??
  18. This is the response from my hosting company can any one shed any light on what they are talking about:"Script is not working because during the upload it tries to create /tmp/phpwQFTYv on server's end, yet it can't be created as it's not permitted, due to security reasons. So basically previous assumption was correct, tmp directory which your script creates should be created within your account's home directory, not entire (shared) server's which is the reason it doesn't work. Your script should grab file from temporary directory which is in your public_html folder." Thanks
  19. I am currently still having some issues with page moving the file over to my directory and still giving me the error message i had set up.. I am currently in contact with the hosting company who are looking into this issue.. any other information will still be very much appreciated
  20. Ok don thanks.. but how do i check the server error logs. This is my first project and i am learning everyday with the whole web building process. even permissions
  21. $location = "/home/bellg980/public_html/MembersArea/Highlights/Videos/" . $name; echo 'The new location of the video is: ' . $location; if(move_uploaded_file($tmp_name, $location)) { echo "Video Stored in: " . "Videos/" . $name; /*$sql1 = mysql_query("INSERT INTO highlight (location, team, posted) VALUES ('$location', '$team', now())") or die (mysql_error()); echo '<br /> Video locatio
  22. Hey don thanks alot in getting back to me i have updated the code with an if statement and have now since found out that the move_upload_file is returning a false.. The sql issues have since been resolved since the update as well.
  23. Hey guys hopefully someone can help here.. This is the code that i am using and for a newb this seems to be working ok with only minor issues at the moment.. However i have one major issue that the file that has been upload disappears and will not appear in the folder location. <? ini_set('display_errors', 1); error_reporting(E_ALL); include '../Docs/db.php'; $home_team = $_POST['home_team']; $away_team = $_POST['away_team']; $fixture = $_POST['fixture']; $team = $_POST['team']; $score = $_POST['score']; $allowedExts = array("mp4", "ogg", "webm")
  24. Hey don thanks mate that little bit of code has helped to see what has been happening and its displaying these errorsWarning: mysql_query() expects parameter 1 to be string, resource given in /home/bellg980/public_html/MembersArea/Highlights/upload_highlight.php on line 53Warning: mysql_fetch_array() expects parameter 1 to be resource, null given in /home/bellg980/public_html/MembersArea/Highlights/upload_highlight.php on line 54 Are these warning alright due to the database table being empty on the first run??
  25. Thanks Don E, but that is not the issue that was included as a test data. the name is equal to $_FILES['video']['name'];(which is bellgrove_slide_show.mp4) The issue comes from the IF statement itself the first IF statement does not seem to work and kills the page during loading where as the second of the two IF statements will work..the only difference is the file_exist() the first is variable called $temp_vid which is equal to "Videos/bellgrove_slide_show.mp4" and the second is hard coded in to the file_exist() as "Videos/bellgrove_slide_show.mp4" So by my understanding both IF stat
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