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  1. @Ingolme, are you sure? http://stackoverflow.com/questions/762011/javascript-let-keyword-vs-var-keyword
  2. w3schools is good for beginners, for advanced info, please refer to stackoverflow
  3. hi coolamingo, weird, but today I have the same idea as you say (wont share details.), which I was talking with my friends. add me in skype ali.carikcioglu3 to share ideas and if you are interested to participate in this.
  4. Hi, justsomeguy. w3schools was nice when I was a beginnner the 2 example above are really fundamental and not very sophisticated. I hope at least some admin reads this and updates a little bit jquery more.
  5. hi. w3schools was my first coding school ever. so I like it a lot. however, recently I have went through the Jquery EVENTS section and I was shocked to see how big the missing information on that section was. First of all, The Jquery change event (i.e. changing checkbox) and scroll events are too important and their examples must be included ot help the beginners. Change event and scroll events are FUNDAMENTAL of Jquery. I will give 2 examples on fiddle so I hope you would add it to jquery even section. EXAMPLE OF NICE BACKGROUND COLORING WITH CSS http://jsfiddle.net/vGeYB/3/
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