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  1. Tobm

    Hover Blink

    I preloaded the image with body:after css and it worked great. Thank you
  2. Tobm

    Hover Blink

    I am finishing my website but I am still encountering a final problem. The coconut image has a background hover image when the user points the cursor over it, another image appears. Everything works fine, however, when the website is loaded for the first time, there is a fast blink before the hover image is displayed. After that, it works perfectly. How can I fix this issue? Here is the snippet of the code. <script type="text/javascript"> $(document).ready(function() { $('#coconut').hover(function() { $('body').addClass('hover'); }, function(){ $('body').removeClass('hover'); }); }); $(window).scroll(function(event) { $("#nav").css("margin-top", 220-$(document).scrollTop()); }); </script> Please help my website: http://www.tasteofbrazilkc.com
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