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  1. <!DOCTYPE html><html><head><body><div id="slideshow"><img width="512px" height="384px" src="1.gif" usemap="#slideshowMap"><img width="512" height="384" src="2.gif"><img width="512" height="384" src="3.gif"><map name="slideshowMap"><area shape="rect" coords="0, 0, 63, 47"><area shape="rect" coords="64, 48, 127, 95"><area shape="rect" coords="128, 96, 191, 143"><area shape="rect" coords="192, 144, 255, 191"><area shape="rect" coords="256, 192, 319, 239"><area shape="rect" coords="320, 240, 383, 287"><area shape="rect" coords="384, 288, 447, 335"><area shape="rect" coords="448, 336, 511, 383"></map></div></body></html> At pictures the "display none" attribute (I tried also "visibility hidden") is set. It is necessary that in turn there were all "area". I tried to specify them "display block" or "visibility visible", but they aren't displayed. How to make that it was possible to display the image on slices?
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