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  1. I was wondering if I could get some input.I am working on a web site and I am trying to make it as easy as possible for the owner to update.What do you think is the best language to create a web based update utility?Thanks in advanced.k3n3t1k
  2. k3n3t1k


    Thanks a bunch guys you have all helped me out a lot!K3n3t1k
  3. k3n3t1k


    Thanks, that will help alot, but i was still wondering if there was some code to validate whether or not the form has been completely filled out?
  4. k3n3t1k


    I was wondering if anybody knows about a javascript code that will make sure that an HTML form is filled out and mae sure that the Email is an actual email and not just a bunch of tect, you know it needs the @ and the .If anybosy can help that would be great, thanks!k3n3t1k
  5. k3n3t1k

    Radio Buttons

    I am currently working on a website that uses PHP and MYSQL.I need to enter data from a form into the database.There are 2 radio buttons in the form.What would be the best way to enter tha data into the database?Thanks in advance.
  6. That is a possability. Although these people are those high and tight po=rofessional types, its kinda annoying. Im still looking at PHPBB. but if there are any more suggestions, they are still greatly appreciated.
  7. I am currently working with a client that at the completion of our contract wants to update the web site themselves, while I maintain it. The only problem is that they have little or no HTML knowlege or experiance. I was wondering if anyone knows of a web based update utility or if there is a way to write one. I have been trying some ideas with PHP to no avail. I have also tried to connect with some well known sites that have web based update utilities such as MySpace.com or Facebook.com.If anyone has any suggestions that would be a great help.Thank you,k3n3t1k
  8. k3n3t1k

    PHP to MySQL

    I've been having alot of trouble when trying to Insert data into a MySQL Database from a PHP script. Does anybody know why it wont insert the information?
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