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  1. So if all my websites are effected, does this mean I have to clean all websites? Or something is in the server root somewhere, where if I just remove that, it will fix all?
  2. I had the same site running for a long time and it was fine. From what I can tell someone is doing something to it. Plus like I said it is effecting all of my sites, so something is in the root.....
  3. Hey guys. My website is labeled as a reported attack site. I got sitelock to clean it but it cant. It is effecting all of my websites in my godaddy hosting. I need this fixed soon and I have no idea how to. Any ideas would be GREATLY appreciated.... www.restonwebdesign.com www.ottomankitchen.us
  4. Thanks guys, but the developer of the code got in touch with me and fixed it.
  5. I got rid of the right and left id tags, but that wasn't interfering. I also did the other changes you wanted and still no result on mobile. I think the problem starts after this line "// get the makes and models for a year in one go... " It gets makes and models at the same time, when it would be better to get it one after another. BUT again, I have no idea why this works on desktop but not mobile
  6. What I don't get it why it works on desktop, but not mobile...
  7. Oh god, I don't even know how I am going to make that happen, but I'll try. Thanks. If you or anyone else has other suggestions in the mean time, don't hesitate to let me know
  8. Hello guys. I have been stuck on this over 2 weeks. If you go to my site at http://abautoglass.net/contact-us/ there is a form. On PC, I can select year, make, model, and trim just fine. IF I try this on mobile device, I select year, then make. BUT when it comes to selecting model, it starts to show models for ALL cars and not the one I specified.... Please please please help if you can :'( Here is the javascript that goes with it in the footer. PS: I think its because it gets make and model at the same time. <script> var protoCall = "https://"; var host = "api.edmunds.com
  9. God bless you brother. I appreciate your help. Apparently the plugin itself was f'ed up to begin with. I deactivated it, ripped the code apart and imported the code in outside of the plugin. Thanks! I even wrote a guide in the plugins support section, since the maker of the plugin wont fix it
  10. I will figure out the child theme stuff soon. Thanks much for helping, but I am super close to dying from stress like a fish!!! Worked 11 hours yesterday alone on this. Here is what I did so far. in the functions.php file I inserted: wp_enqueue_script( 'customcarquery', get_template_directory_uri() . '/customcarquery.js', array ( 'jquery' ), 1.1, false); wp_enqueue_script( 'customcarquerycode', get_template_directory_uri() . '/customcarquerycode.js', array ( 'jquery' ), 1.1, false); in customcarquerycode I took out the scripts and have $(document).ready( function() {
  11. I got the first shorter code working with CSS & Javascript Toolbox plugin. But I have no idea what to do about the longer one. Could you show me pleeease I have no idea how that much long code goes in with the link you provided.
  12. I looked at this before and again now, but I cant make any sense of it...
  13. Hello, I need to add these two codes. I used the plugin CSS & Javascript Toolbox, but it wont work. <script type="text/javascript" src="http://abautoglass.net/wp-content/customcarquery.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript"> $(document).ready( function() { //Create a variable for the CarQuery object. You can call it whatever you like. var carquery = new CarQuery(); //Run the carquery init function to get things started: carquery.init(); //Optionally, you can pre-select a vehicle by passing year / make / model / trim to the init function: //carquery.init('2000'
  14. Okay thanks for all the help guys. I downloaded the script I was using to put all of the data into the SELECT field. Than I switched the line of code from this: options += '<option value="' + trims.model_id + '" '+s+'>' + trim_display + '</option>'; to this: options += '<option value="' + trim_display + '" '+s+'>' + trim_display + '</option>'; So now both the text and value are set to the Trim names. Thanks guys!
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