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  1. Thanks a lot davej --That is the front page sorted. The other problem is that the html files are not opening--they all have the same code except for values Not sure if the body tag is required where there is no text -just image. <!DOCTYPE html><html><body> center><img src="/dream-tide.jpg" height="640" width="1010"></center> </body></html> According to the tutorial this looks OK, but obviously not. p.g3@live.com www.paulgoggins.eu
  2. I have HTML coded a link to be coloured blue, which is blue and acts like a link When I changed the coding to make the link red, it remained blue. But when I removed the <a href= the now previous link changed to red. Any explanations?
  3. I would like to place a poem on top of an image I have already made. I want each line of the poem to be single spaced and the starting letter of each line to be vertically below each other as it would be in a column. I want the column to be on the right hand side of the image. How do I regulate the spacing between the lines of text? How can I ensure that each line of the poem is retained as per the original layout? How do I position the column of text on the image?
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    I am an absolute beginner at HTML. I was doing OK I until I had tried to include an image sourced on my computer. I have used the address of the source file on my computer, but the browser only shows a small square icon. What am I doing wrong? I am saving the file as .html (all files) ANSI. Another question. When files are uploaded to a website containing files housed on my computer, how does the browser locate the files when they are addressed to my computer?
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