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  1. I have now worked with media queries and set up everything so it fits for the different specific screen sizes. Though if I hadn't adapted the pictures the images get cut off. This here is the site that I am referring to:Link
  2. Hi, thanks for your response!! I've tried working with media queries, especially to position the text- that works unfortunately the background-images still get cut off when resizing the browser window... maybe this could be cause because I have multiple background images- no I don't think so- I don't really get it
  3. Hello, I really need some help concerning multiple responsive background images. I am creating a one page website with wordpress that contains of 6 sections and each should have a background image and over it should be some content (like text) Well I have tried several things and in my latest version it scales the background image in proportion but it cuts some parts off the image when the browser window is smaller <div id="sec_5"> <div class="span5"> <div class="txt_left"> <h2>SOME CONTENT</h2> <p>SOME CONTENT</p>
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