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  1. Hello!I want my navigation menu to change color on every mouse over and return to it's previous color when the mouse is not over it.the problem is that the code onMouseOver="this.style.backgroundColor='Some_Color_Code_here'" doesn't turn menu item into it's previous color.I know it can be done easyly with CSS, but I need to do it with JavaScript.
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    XtazyI tried to, but now I think organized book would be more helpful. thanks webspider25I'll check it thanks to anyone with the same problemthis is Google search for the book "HTML & XHTML By definative Guide (O'Reilly)"
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    hello!As I have learned from my month's experience, there is no use in giong to different sites and using their online tutorials(it's still true with w3schools - it can't teach you the whole course), it's helpful only when you have a concrete question about the concrete tag or funqtion. And it's getting more and more clear for me that withuot a good book I'm unable to learn HTML well.have you got any suggestions about a good book which includes a more or less complete course of HTML?
  4. Synookyeah, I "discovered" it with playing around in my editor thanks
  5. Kurtthanks for your reply :)Using CSS codes is my next step - currently I'm learning HTML. And even if I used them, would it solve the problem for all resolutions? OK, there wouldn't be any more validating problems, but I want to stretch my table on the whole screen.P.S. won't your code specify height for all tables? what if I want to use this height(650) only in one table?
  6. hello, I'm new in this forum and in web-proramming :)my problem is this:when I define attribute "height" in table tag, the validator tells me it's incorrect, but I can see no other ways of stretching the table on whole screen. How can I do it using a valid code?Hope my English didn't prevent you from understanding the problem..
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