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  1. Sorry, I guess I should have been more specific.Example: <div id="apDiv22"I know Div stands for Divider, but what about "apDiv" ?JDL
  2. javierdl

    Meaning of: apDiv

    Believe it or not doing a search in the W3Schools' site didn't bring anything either :)Does anyone know of a dictionary for web languages codes? Thanks,JDL
  3. Thanks a bunch Synook :)Thanks for confirming that I should go with GIFs. Not my preference to go for lesser formats, but as long as most will see them...JDL
  4. ANG - Mmm, I guess I should use GIFs then :)Thanks guys :)JDL
  5. Is it Web Standard compliant to use PNGs?ThanksJDL
  6. I am just getting acquainted with CSS, so please bare with me.Also I just started using Adobe Spry Framework for AJAX. It creates 2 script files: a Javascript file, and a CSS. My question is: should I add my own Stylesheet properties in this CSS file (that it's initially there for the use of a widget), or should I create my own? If you say I should go with the latter (2), then is it ok to link 2 diff CSS scripts to the same page?Thanks in advance guys,JDL
  7. Cool! You're right! Thanks RX :)J.
  8. Thanks for your reply RahXephon : )But it's still not working - Have a look at Example 2 again (already updated it). The only thing diff from your code is that I added single quotation marks on each side of the URL and spaces. I did try it without them just as you had it but it didn't work either.J.
  9. I'm trying to use this CSS Rollovers tutorial. The problem is that I'm a total rookie on CSS, and I want to use just an image, without the overlaid HTML text. Can someone give me a hand figuring out how the code would look after necessary adjustments?This is what I've done so far: Example 1&Example 2Like I said, I just don't know enough of CSS to figure it out ...Thanks in advance guys,JDL
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