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    I've been coming here since late 1999 or early 2000 to view the tutorials. Back then the site's primary theme color was orange, I believe. Now it is green. Other than that, there's about 100x more tutorials and 1000x more pages.
  1. I think we need to have more multimedia training made available than just static images and audio. I am new to these technologies, by no means an expert, not even skilled. All I have is an awareness of them and an appreciation for their potential utilization by people who are far better programmers than me.Tutorials for WebGL, Web Audio API, possibly WebAL hooks for OpenAL. WebGL lets you hook into OpenGL using HTML5's Canvas element tag. WebGL lets you turn static images in Dynamic 3D worlds, by stretching, curving, filtering, and applying all manner of effects that will run directly on th
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