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  1. Consider trimming the borders so all the "white space" (empty) is left out to optimize loading times. Also, you should cut out the center white area. Since it's only white - then there's no use in making an image out of it when you could fill it in with an element container that could hold your content with the same white BG.
  2. I agree on the font - i'm not sure which to use, I've been eyeing it as funky though so what do you think would fit?Thanks for the feedback.
  3. Stay away from mailto if it's for the general public. It's a big no no to force someones software open unknowingly. php's mail (like S said above) is much much much more efficient and easy to use.
  4. Currently working on a wordpress theme for my wife's family blog where she'll just write about our outings and my daughters latest doings. Take a look at the design so far - it's a w.i.p so it's not fully functional. I'm currently working on the templates for the Photos and Story section.http://www.gabriel-g.com/galarzas
  5. I think he's trying to sell his skills, and I know that people should design sites to "conform to people who don't support this and that etc..." but for a designer trying to sell Javascript, CSS, XHTML I don't see any sense in someone who's looking for a designer - to not support it. Maybe after he's got the gig?
  6. I like it. I think it looks good - just a tad bit bland like if it's missing some pizazz? But I think it's great and I think the fading content is a sleek touch. (Did you do this with Spry?)Suggestions:How about removing the slight bevel or inner glow you have in "RoundedDesign" ? I think (just my opinion) that it takes away from the 2.0"ness" a bit.How about a contrasting "light" color for the content area?Your menu, I know it's cliche or traditional 2.0 but maybe tabs? Overall I think it's good stuff.
  7. Wow if you think that's offensive Html, then I hope you never find out what your kids, or other kids are really watching nowadays. You can only sugar coat so much. :)To the site - I think it needs some work on the design/coding all together. All in all though, once you get some content in there - you will get the point across.
  8. Call me stupid, but is this person a bot?
  9. disregard this.. figured it out.. stupid mistake - the footer all together wasn't showing because I never added it's width...
  10. Being that it's w3schools, top of googles results when anything web dev is searched - I would think that this place would be bombarded with traffic. How come it isn't? Usually the forums are at a slow pace (not complaining.)
  11. Guys I'm frying my brain trying to figure out why I have a little white space at the bottom of my footer (both explorer and firefox). This link is for my upcoming family blog that my wife will be running: http://www.gabriel-g.com/galarzasIf you look at the footer (the gray stick at the bottom); below it there is a small 1px line that's NOT in the image.Help?http://www.gabriel-g.com/galarzas/css/css-setup.css
  12. Thanks man.The portfolio pieces are widely used for many portfolios - I use a script made in js called LightBox.http://www.huddletogether.com/projects/lightbox/You can get a copy there.
  13. float basically forces that element into the order of the page "flow"so if you have<div class header<div class body<div class footerall floated.. they would all fall in that same order. If you moved <div class footer above header then, obviously - the order would change.relative positioning, positions the element relevant to its original position. left:500px would add 500px to the left of it. This still follows page flow.absolute positioning removes that element from the order of flow, meaning you can use precise px's/coordinates to position an element over anything. It will not f
  14. mistergalarza


    No, between the tags where the text is.
  15. mistergalarza


    You can't add spaces in code by just pressing the spacebar. HTML will remove the spaces and leave only one, any space after the first one is removed. In order to add spaces if you need them, would be to type in. It is a space equivalent.I believe versions of Dreamweaver add that character, but im not sure, I just use it in code view. I believe in Design view it auto adds the into your code.
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