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  1. To put it in a nutshell, this is quite good ! I like the horizontal menu and the icons.
  2. I'm using firefox on windows xp sp3 ! But you fixed the problem !
  3. That's quite good but you can do better !In your style, when you can change 0px by 0 because 0px, 0em, 0% are equal. That isn't important but I prefer say it.About your menu, to my mind, you should use a list tag(s). With this solution, the span is useless because you just have to define ul and li.About the layout, (this is the main subject), I don't like the horizontal scrollbar... but it is good. What colours will you use ? I ask the question because the colours and how you will use them can improve or not the result.
  4. My firefox plug-in said that you made some mistakes.On the first hand, in http://www.ocustruct.com/css/style.css on the 153th line, you wrote "padding: 0 10px; 0 0;". You may want to write "padding: 0 10px 0 0;"...On the second hand, in http://www.statcounter.com/counter/counter_xhtml.js I don't know if you will be able to fix it easily but there are disclaimers about the sc_date, sc_time, sc_time_difference, sc_call variables which seem undeclared.I have nothing to add about the design...
  5. Akirira

    Site Review

    As far as I'm concerned about the second illustration, you should improve the black menu integration. But, that should be better to add a text too (that permit to see a better preview).If you want to add a false text you can use this site : http://www.lipsum.com/.To sum up, It's quite nice but I think that you can do better. And to conclude, I prefer the first design.
  6. Akirira

    Flexible Div

    Ok. To do that with my reply you need javascript... but you found better. Good luck for the next !
  7. Akirira

    Flexible Div

    To my mind (but somebody will confirm or not), you should find a percentage for the green's height according to the window's.
  8. I added colors but I think that I can do better. I don't know if to turn the grey of the planet into blue is or was (I don't know which is better) a good idea. The url is still being the same (and that may take a while): Visit My Website.
  9. AgainI made the css file. I hope is better. Now, It's colors time ! I'm looking for good colors.To see the update, one url : Visit My Website.
  10. Ok. The problem is that when I use firefox, Ie, safari, Opera and the dead netscape, it's at the middle.But, I can't use google chrome with windows xp sp2 and 3... I will find a solution to fix that. Thanks !EDIT:Arg! It's hard to find how to fix chrome ! I hope the will give an update without this mistake ( I can't open a page to navigate: It always show an error.) soon.New EDIT:I did it ! I will make a new css file to improve the compatibility.
  11. On the one hand, thanks for the time you took !On the other hand, OMG, This is a very good idea ! The worst is that I have not thought that so far. Thanks again. Ok, I will make a smaller left margin. According to you, what element(s) is or are too big ? The world picture that's to say the menu ?
  12. Been a while !I made a new design but it's too... simple. I hope that it's the only one mistake. All ideas about animation (maybe between the menu and the map,...), color or else are welcomed.I forgot something ? Oh, yes the link to my page: Visit My Website.
  13. Akirira

    My first site :)

    Idem ! I know that will not help you...To sum up: good job but you can certainly be better !
  14. Yo ! To make a drop shadow without image you can use this technique.
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