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  1. i checked it, and those two are the errors
  2. maybe it goes directly to the url defined in the action attribute
  3. etsted


    lol i didnt notice that you had posted the same as me
  4. etsted


    If you give body a background color in external stylesheetbody {background-color: red;}There is nothing there that will make it target a specific page.If you a apply id ref OR class to body element you can uniquely target that page, for example using a id ref.Page1<body id="bg-color01">Page2<body id="bg-color02">Page3<body id="bg-color03">Then target those id ref to apply different color to those specific pages,#bg-color01 {background-color: red;}#bg-color02 {background-color: green;}#bg-color03 {background-color: yellow;}IF you are able to insert style element within the <head>...</head> of each individual page, then you could just usePage1<style>body {background-color: red;}</style>Page2<style>body {background-color: green;}</style>Page3<style>body {background-color: yellow;}</style>But i suspect it might be template system where you will add this specific style and it will be applied to all.
  5. how can i do that? i wonder so badly

  6. rerewqrewqrewqfddfsvvccvx

  7. then use a for loop to loop trough the properties. Store the values in a variable then place the variable where u want it
  8. you are using concatenation here content.innerHTML += propiedades + ':' + objeto[propiedades] + "<br />"; change it to: content.innerHTML = propiedades + ':' + objeto[propiedades] + "<br />";
  9. maybe echo"<script>alert('Timeout!');</script>"; was interpreted as a string instead of javascript
  10. yes that is right. You can get a clear demonstration at my website widegrass.com. Search for "n" using my search bar, then add more "n" and see what happen
  11. when i console.log the str variable it says "No suggestions", but when i try to use that statement in a if statement it doesnt work. var suggested_titels = ajax.responseText.split("S_E_C_R_E_T__S_I_G_N__!_|_!_|"); for(var i =0;i < suggested_titels.length; i++){ var space = document.createElement("BR"); var node = document.createElement("SPAN"); var textnode=document.createTextNode(suggested_titels[i]); var check = document.createTextNode(suggested_titels[0]); var str = document.createElement("DIV"); str.appendChild(check); node.appendChild(textnode); node.appendChild(space); sQ.appendChild(node); if(suggested_titels[0] == "No suggestions"){ sQ.innerHTML = ""; } } console.log(str); sQ is supposed to get empty when there is not suggestions in the DB
  12. i want sQ to empty when the response from ajax.responseText returns No suggestions, but instead it keeps the content of the div and append No suggestions at the end of the div
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