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  1. This may be a permissions issue. When you view the source for your site, you should be able to see the path to the CSS file. Take that and see if you can load the CSS file from another computer.
  2. I have an app for scheduling for out homeschooling. I use floating divs to represent various events in a column for each child and for each day. I found that I can set the height of each div such that one hour is 5.55% of the total height of the containing div. style="height:5.55%;" So I thought to represent the time between events using margin-top. So 30 minutes of free time could be represented this way: style="height:5.55%;margin-top:2.78%" But margin-top is calculated based on the width of the element. I was surprised by this inconsistency. The logic which determines that an element's height should be calculated based on the height of the containing element should also be applied to margin-top. Does this make sense? And how would one propose a change to the calculation of margin-top based on percent? Can it even be changed?
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