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  1. Hello!am developing a site on ecommerce website (a payment solution site) it is under developing but i am in the section to write the code that other website that accept the mysite as a means of payment to their website. Please help me to make contribution and help in the analysis below..1. I want to write a code in form of a dll or webservice that other site can download from mysite that can access mysite and validate the buyer or seller on their own site maybe the person have a valid account with mysite2. If the person have a valid account for security purpose i want to redirect the transact
  2. Thank you very much for the reply but really i tried code you gave me yet is having no reflect on the database and i really have to work on my project cos time is runing out pls if you could know any way of helping me out i will really appreciate it.
  3. Pls i dont relly want to understand what is really wrong with the code below!I want to insert record into the database i have written one and it is working well for two record but for these is not working. And more so it work anytime it like it there anything that i am doing wrong cos sometime one record may be blank and the other fill in or vise versaI collect the data from a form <table width="100%" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"> <!--DWLayoutTable--> <tr> <td width="3" height="1"></td> <td width="184"></td>
  4. i am a new user of php and mysqlnow i have wampserver install on the computer and dreamwaver, I try to write a phpcode and run it on my browser but it was giving displying page can not be display and before then i try to configure the my dreamwaver to connect to the php file using the define new file but when testing for the url it doesnt give me an information the connection was succesful pls can you help on the step that i can take to configure my php and the site so that it works perfectly at least to display hello world?But the suggesting that someone give me is that Instead of directly ru
  5. Hello my name is lerry a young guy student in Nigeria student computer science and engineering and as well as software engineering i intend written programming using PHP ASP.NET V.NET and some other scripting languages
  6. atplerry

    new to XML

    i am new to the XML when through with the tutorial on wriiting the code using Dream waver as the IDE interface using XML configuration when it display the syntax that i have type is with an error pls what have i done that is wrong...........
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