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  1. Problem solved! Bootstrap docs (http://getbootstrap.com/components/#navbar-fixed-top): "**Body padding required** The fixed navbar will overlay your other content, unless you add padding to the top of the <body>. Try out your own values or use our snippet below. Tip: By default, the navbar is 50px high."
  2. Hello! I have a problem with the navigation on the following website: http://www.Ghitulescu.de/beta/index2.html While clicking on a navbar-item (was / wieviel / wann / wo / wer) the site *jumps* to the specific section but the first row of it (that's the h2-title!) is covered by the navbar itself. Any idea? Thanks! Regards, Vlad
  3. Hello! The problem is solved (kudos to MrMurphy http://www.html.de/threads/probleme-beim-navigieren-einer-bootstrap-seite-nur-mit-firefox-opera.51539/): I had put the id's in span-elements instead of h2's! I have corrected this and have now another problem (at least in all browsers the same! ;-), that I'll post in a separate thread. Regards, Vlad
  4. Hello!I have some really strange behavior with my site:http://www.Ghitulescu.de/beta/index.htmlbuild with Twitter Bootstrap 3.The issue: when clicking on the navbar-items (was / wieviel / wann / wo / wer) the website jump to a wrong position.This problem appears only when navigating the website witha) Firefox (27.0) or Opera (12.16 Build 1860) on my iMac (running OS X 10.9.1) or c) Internet Explorer (9.0.8112 16421) d) Opera (12.16 Build 1860) e) Firefox (14.0.1) on a PC (running Windows 7)and when the browser-window is so wide that the navbar is not collapsed.This problem appears not at all
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