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  1. Thanks Justsomeguy, I'll look into those, but I do like the W3Schools try it yourself feature because when I was learning CSS and HTML, I cannot give an example, but It would help single out a function and see the limits to the function. On that topic do you have an answer to a problem with my webpage, I have a problem like Xbox.com, it you highlight text and move to the right, the Horizontal Scroll bar that shouldn't be there is there, but also like me since I had no solution I did style="overflow-x: hidden" which visually solved my dilemma, but is still there. Also, are all the downloads (besides of course ads) free of any malware on MySQL? (I'm almost sure it is but I am reluctant because I have not found an article stating so). Thanks also Davej, I plan on making an online app/game first but I want to continue to things like Apps for the appstore or amazon. Since App publishing cost About 99 dollars I want to make sure I am ready to cover it with a good App that would easily pay for the expenses. I currently have Blender, Unity, JRE, JMC, Notepad ++, standard Java, and all standard windows programs and Microsoft office I'm Looking into Eclipse, and MySQL
  2. I guess I have to, I have been looking up Text tutorials with a try it yourself feature and I was looking over http://docs.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/java/ do you suggest any programs or anything I need to have to make maybe an indie game?
  3. Ah, Thanks, I was looking anywhere possible on W3Schools to try to make sure what I ask is a valid and researched question. It saddens me though that it is just a forum and what I read stated: "NOTE: Due to server side technologies currently not available to w3schools hosting services, JSP Tutorials are not offered on w3schools.com until further notice. Any post requesting JSP tutorials will receive no reply and be immediately removed." "Also note that because JSP tutorials are not offered on w3schools.com, chances are the member base who knows the language is a small percentage, and so it may take more time than with other languages to have your question answered. " - Jonas That I believe also means, there will be no Java tutorials; not just limited to JSP ... Your cat is sexy ...
  4. I am trying to learn any programming language and I have looked into several sites including Oracle and I must say everything I've tried to learn hasn't stayed in well. I personally love the layout and the design as well as the ability to try it yourself on W3Schools' site. I Understand that W3Schools was made to teach everything you need to know to create a webpage, or to be used as a reference to commands in a language used in making a webpage, but I and many others would greatly benefit if W3Schools could adopt a programming section. I am starting to learn Java and as for right now I only request Java, But I would like to see all commonly used programming language. I used W3Schools to learn HTML, CSS, and a little bit of JavaScript, It took me a little under 7 hours to learn a large portion of HMTL and CSS. I just love W3Schools' Website and Teaching ways. I would love to learn every language possible here, I find this the best way to learn Computer languages.
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