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  1. Not a typo error. JUST AN ERROR! That seems to have fixed it. I guess the html was looking past the style tags for the selectors and declarations I put in the css, but not for the background image. Anyway, now on to bigger and better mistakes. Thanks, posters.
  2. OK, put the image in a folder and changed the style code to this: <style>body {background-image:url("images/levitating_maus.jpg");}</style> and it works. However, when I move the CSS to an external stylesheet located in the root, the image doesn't show... HTML: <!DOCTYPE html><html><head><link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="mystyle.css"></head><body><h1>Hello World!</h1></body></html> External CSS: <style>body {background-image:url("images/levitating_maus.jpg");}</style> Thanks for l
  3. I'm trying to learn CSS and am using the w3 tuts. However, I can't seem to get my background image to show up. I can color the bg, but can't figure out what's wrong with my code or image location. The rest of the CSS is working. Thanks for looking. Root folder contains "index.html" and the image, "levitating_maus.jpg" <!DOCTYPE html><html><head><style>body {background-image:url("levitating_maus.jpg");}h1{color:orange;text-align:center;}p{font-family:"Times New Roman";font-size:20px;}</style></head><body><h1>CSS example!</h1><
  4. Guess I'll dig on into the CSS then the JS tuts. Thanks.
  5. Yes. And it's not good resolution, either. I guess I'm after something more like this.
  6. I've got some basic CSS knowledge, and I've worked with Flash before, too. What is resposible for the video background in that second site? I'd love to learn how to have a full-screen video playing in the background of a site.
  7. to get up to speed as a web developer? I've been using Dreamweaver MX as an HTML editor for quite some time now to develop sites that are like this. I would like to be able to create more exiting and dynamic sites such as this, and this. Which languages/tutorials should I learn to get up to speed? Thanks for your input and suggestions. Paul
  8. Hello all. Paul here. I'm lookin forward to modernizing myself with the help of this site its and forums.
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