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  1. i solved the problem using ".attr('itype', itype)" instead of using .data(). but is it ok to use non-standard attributes?
  2. thank u for the reply. but i didnot what you asked to check in the developer tools. i've checked in my own way if it adds a data attribute to the span or not. i had mentioned this above also. i checked it in two ways. after adding the data-itype i tried to count the span number with data-itype='F' alert($(".regmattable").find("span[class='matcosts'][data-itype='F']").length); it alerts 0 (zero). but when i check if there is data-itype set alert($(".regmattable").find("span[class='matcosts']").data("itype")); it alerts 'F', as i've set earlier. this means
  3. hello experts! i mate a problem while trying to find elements with dynamically set data attribute. first i set data attribute like this ... $("span[class='matcosts']").data("itype", "F"); second i try to find it ... $(".regmattable").on("keyup", ".matcount", function(e) { alert($(".regmattable").find("span[class='matcosts'][data-itype='F']").length); // both 'matcount' and 'matclass' are insite 'regmattable' }) this above code alerts 0 (zero). but when i try to find the data from the 'matcosts' span (as below), it gives 'F' (as i passed it before). alert($("
  4. i don't know! i was just wondering for this. thank u for the reply. and i think i need to move those lines inside the success function. i wish some more guidance here. will u please help me?? from the ajax request, i get current latitude and longitude data from my gps tracker device. and to place a marker to the map i send those data to another page like below and load that page to a div in the current page. success: function(res) { var lat = res[imei].lat; var lng = res[imei].lng; if (loaded == "NO") { var loadmapurl = "gps.php?lat=" + lat + "&lng=" + lng; $("#lo
  5. i was trying to use a ajax returned value out of the ajax function but it didn't work. can anyone please guide me. here is the code i tried. var lat, lng; $.ajax({ url: url, dataType: "json", method: "get", success: function(res) { var lat = res[imei].lat; var lng = res[imei].lng; } }); $("#lng").text(lng); $("#lat").text(lat); thanks in advance.
  6. very good suggestion. i didnot know about data attribute in html 5 and jquery. your guidance made me clear almost all about data- attribute. but one thing more. i got confused using selector for this attribute. shall i have to use, in jquery $("input[data-class='resultdate'"] or there is something special method for this? thank u.
  7. hello all! i've a autocomplete field which has a class attribute 'resultdate'. and i want to select that element using its class attribute. but when i try to catch that field i found that the autocomplete specified class is also added to it. $(function() { $('.resultdate').autocomplete({ ////// this is an input field and i've many input fields with different class names. source: "selectdate.php", minLength: 0, autoFocus: false, select: function(e) { $(this).val($(this).substr(0,10)); } }).focus(function(){ $(this).autocomplete("search"); }) }); $('#
  8. wow! it worked nicely! thank you for the guidance!
  9. hello all, i am trying to run an ajax request inside a for loop. and when the response is true, i want to run another ajax only once. but the second ajax also runs multiple times. here is the code i tried .... var i; for (i=0; i< feeid.length; i++) { $.ajax({ url: "submitnewjournal.php", method: "POST", data: { m: m, fullvn: fullvn, vn: vn, }, }) .done (function(result) { var success = $(result).filter("#success").text(); $("#msg").text($(result).filter("#msg").text()); if (suc
  10. funbinod

    using curl

    <!-- first of all completely sorry if this is not the right forum to ask this. but i've no idea which is the right forum for this ---> hello all! i was learning how to use back4app parse on my website. while going through documentation on parseplatform.org, i found a sample block as below.. curl -X POST \ -H "X-Parse-Application-Id: APPLICATION_ID" \ -H "X-Parse-REST-API-Key: ${REST_API_KEY}" \ -H "X-Parse-Revocable-Session: 1" \ -H "Content-Type: application/json" \ -d '{"username":"cooldude6","password":"p_n7!-e8","phone":"415-392-0202"}' \ https://parseapi.ba
  11. hello all! i'm new to java and android studio. i was trying to check and create new file and do something in it. if (!file1.exists()) { try { file1.createNewFile(); Toast.makeText(StartActivity.this, "key file created!" + directory, Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show(); Intent intent = new Intent(StartActivity.this, KeyActivity.class); startActivity(intent); StartActivity.this.finish();
  12. /////////// this is a part of the second query ///////////// SELECT SUM(debit) debit, SUM(credit) credit FROM ( SELECT NULL ob, SUM(debit) debit, SUM(credit) credit FROM journal WHERE aid='$aid' AND cid='$cid' AND ay='$ay' UNION SELECT NULL ob, SUM(fee) debit, NULL credit FROM invoice WHERE stuid='$aid' AND cid='$cid' AND ay='$ay' UNION ............. ............. ............. ) as balance /////////// in this second query i use $aid from the previous one... yes.the second query searches data from multiple tables and calculate them according to the data
  13. hello all! i was trying to run another query inside a while loop of a prepared statement. $qs = $_POST['queryString']."%"; $ledq = $mysqli->prepare("SELECT name, fullid aid, ob FROM account WHERE cid='$cid' AND name LIKE ? AND ac_id IN ('$q') ORDER BY name LIMIT 20"); if (!$ledq) { echo "Error: " . $mysqli->error; } else { $ledq->bind_param('s', $qs); $ledq->execute(); $ledq->bind_result($name, $aid, $ob); $ledq->store_result(); while ($ledq->fetch()) { $balq = $mysqli->query("SELECT SUM(debit) debit, SUM(credit) credit FROM .................
  14. great! i got the point and this solved my problem. thank you.
  15. ........... ........... for ($i = 0; $i < $highmq->num_rows; $i++) { .......... .......... .......... $highmarks[] = ($highmarkth + $highmarkpr); } $highmark = implode(',', $highmarks); echo max($highmark); here!
  16. thank you @justsomeguy for the reply. your reply helped me to understand some new things. it is fruitful. i want to explain some more about my mysql columns. in the table marksheet, i insert data to only one column at one time. this means in each row, if it has data on marktheory then markpractical is surely empty. and if markpractical has some data in it, then marktheory is surely blank. so now do you think it would be ok if i set $highmarkth and $highmarkpr outside the if statements and set $higmark as an array outside the for loop? and thank you too @Ingolme . your sugge
  17. they are varchar field and contain 3 types of data on them. the datas are saperated by a hash (#) key. for example "ET001#10#74.5". From this i explode the value and get the last offset for calculation thank you
  18. the all i did is the same what i've kept in my question above. i'm putting the code again here. from the query i get values from columns "marktheory" and "markpractical", then calculate them and try to get highest value. in the mentioned code, i expect the values to be in array in "$highmark". when i echo it, i get the value altogether without commas (as i explained above). $cid = 2; $subid = 10; $clas = 'PG'; $highmq = $mysqli->query("SELECT marktheory, markpractical FROM marksheet WHERE studentid IN (SELECT fullid FROM students WHERE class='$clas' AND cid='$cid') AND (markth
  19. thank u @Ingolme for the reply! the exactly is my problem. the result i want is derived as string not as an array. as i mentioned above the result i got "7474.776.89578.3" contains FIVE values "74, 74.7, 76.8, 95, 78.3". i wish them as array. and then, i think, the "max()" function will do the rest.
  20. hello all! i was trying to get max value from a mysql query derived values but i could not succeed. please guide what i made mistake. below is the code i tried. in this after fetching data from mysql table, i made some calculations and derived data like this ////////////////// 7474.776.89578.3 ////////////////////////// which actually contains 5 values ( 74,74.7,76.8,95,78.3 ) what i want is to select the number 95. what is the proper method? thank u in advance. $cid = 2; $subid = 10; $clas = 'PG'; $highmq = $mysqli->query("SELECT marktheor
  21. ok! i solved this like this if ($sec == 'ALL') { $stmt = $mysqli->prepare("SELECT CONCAT(fname, ' ', lname) AS name, fullid, roll, section FROM students WHERE class=? AND ay='$ay' AND cid='$cid'"); $stmt->bind_param('s', $clas); } else { $stmt = $mysqli->prepare("SELECT CONCAT(fname, ' ', lname) AS name, fullid, roll, section FROM students WHERE class=? AND section=? AND ay='$ay' AND cid='$cid'"); $stmt->bind_param('ss', $clas, $sec); } thank u for being with me and giving some hint! is there any other good idea to do this?
  22. @Ingolme thank u for the reply! i appreciate your suggestion. but my requirement is something different. i have multiple cases for passing variables to the prepared statement. value for $wh and $param differ if the case is different. like - in the above example the value of $wh and $param are set when $sec has different value. but if $sec is not set differently then $wh and $param will have only one parameter. if ($sec == 'ALL') { $wh = 'class=?'; $param = "'s', $clas"; } else { $wh = "class=? AND section=?"; $param = "'ss', $clas, $sec"; } how can i solve this issu
  23. hello all! greetings! i'm trying to fetch data from a prepared statement and using some variables to pass the query $wh = "class=? AND section=?"; $param = "'ss', $clas, $sec"; $stmt = $mysqli->prepare("SELECT CONCAT(fname, ' ', lname) AS name, fullid, roll FROM students WHERE $wh AND ay='$ay' AND cid='$cid'"); if (!$stmt->bind_param($param)) { echo "Bind Error: " . $stmt->error; } ?> this is showing error but only "Bind Error:" not the "$stmt->error". i tried to echo $wh and $param value also and they give the same value as i intend. why
  24. hello all! i am trying to change texts on a div multiple times using jquery. for this i tried the following $('#clickme').on('click', function(e) { $('#msg').text('hello'); $('#msg').delay(500).text('First Change!'); $('#msg').delay(500).text('Second Change!'); }) but this olny displays directly the last option (i.e. 'Second Change!') and none of other. i wish them to change one by one with some delay. please guide me how can i achieve this. thank u in advance...
  25. thank u for this @dsonesuk.. but sorry! there was a mistake in my html form. the input name="m" is "text" type not "file" type. so, i think, u've to write some extra line on setting formdata. i tried to revise the code accordingly. please tell me if it is correct or not-- $(document).ready(function(e) { function submIt(e) { e.preventDefault(); var formdata = new FormData($('#pgm').get(0)); formdata.set($(this).attr('name'), $('input[type=file]')[index].files[0]); $('input').attr('disabled', 'disabled'); $.ajax({ url: "process.php", type: 'POST',
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