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  1. A PHP script showed an warning on service (it works well but there was this warning one time). Here it goes: <b>Warning</b>: mysql_pconnect() [<a href='function.mysql-pconnect'>function.mysql-pconnect</a>]: Too many connections in <b>/home/www/*address not shown for privacy*/addt.php</b> on line <b>26</b><br /><br /><b>Warning</b>: mysql_select_db(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL-Link resource in <b>/home/www/*address not shown for privacy*/addt.php</b> on line <b>27</b><br /><b
  2. Is there a function in PHP that can return substring from a string between 2 given positions.Example:If i'd like the character between postion 3 and 10 from the string "This function may". That result would be "s func"Or is there a function that can trim the characters upto certain positions from the left and another function that can trim the characters to the right from certain position.
  3. i got this example somewhere <?phpini_set("register_globals", "on");if($_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'] == "") { // Main Page echo "main page!!";} elseif($_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'] == "about") { // About page echo "about page!!";} elseif($_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'] == "contact") { // Contact page echo "contact page!!";} else { // Page not found echo "Oops.. Page not found (404)";}?> when i use http://localhost/Untitled-2.phpit says how do i get rigd of the notice?and one more thing what is ini_set("register_globals", "on") for?
  4. can any one tell me from which versions the following browsers started supporting unicode (UTF-8)?Opera, NN, FF, MSIE, Mozilla (linux).Thanx in advance.
  5. not exactly what i was looking for. thanx anyways.
  6. i can't get this to work. i've been trying a lot of things... fixed positioning, floats etc. but not working. <html><head><style type="text/css">body{text-align:center;}#bdy{width:770px; height:auto;}#header{height:100px; width:100%;}#navbar{ float:left; width:10em; /*height:???; height of #bdy is unknown. so if i use 100%, the result is same as auto. i want it's height = (height of #bdy - height of #header) */ }#navbar2{ float:right; width:20em; /*height:???; just like #navbar*/ }#content float:left; /*should i use float:left? */ width:auto; height:auto; /*the height
  7. thanx... actually i'm completely new to php. but i think i can do it as u told.
  8. there are gonna be 2 inputs, catid & pagemun... switch satement can be used.if catid=2 and pagenum=1 then it'll show some htlm code stored in a file named pm2_1.txt, if catid=2 & pagenum=2 then the file ud be pm2_2.txt and so on...can any one help me?<html><head>....</head><body>........<div><?php codes (nested switch)?></div>........</body></html>
  9. twinklerip

    CSS2 with CSS1

    is there any special requirment to use css2 along with css1?css2 pseudo-class :first-child has no effect on my browser (MSIE6). not jsut :first-child, :lang also. donno about :focus.
  10. i'm new to HTML, CSS and JavaScript. currently i'm working on a personal webpage. facing few problems. here's one of'em. there is this huge HTML file. i want to split it into a HTML and several other code files (that will contain some HTML code, may be some headings, paragrapgs and anchors) and when i'll click a link/button in the main page, the content of one of those files will be displayed between a certain tag, say <div id="d1"></div>. when i'll click another link content of another code file will be loaded between those <div id="d1"></div> tags, replacing the previ
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