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  1. Worked out a solution with a slider plugin that allows me SEO control. Still no idea why this happened with just one image...
  2. I have an placed an image into a post that appears fine "everywhere" except in a mobile environment. On my phone the image re-orients itself 90 degrees. Is there a way to explain or prevent this from happening? here is the page address- http://vitalitybynature.com/wordpress/2014/05/11/happy-mothers-day/ and the code for that page- [caption id="attachment_1260" align="alignleft" width="150"]<a href="http://vitalitybynature.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/mothersdayflower-e1402507345661.jpg"><img class="wp-image-1260 size-thumbnail" src="http://vitalitybynature.com/wor
  3. Thanks for your help, DaveJ. Your awesomeness is blinding!
  4. I'm having an issue lining up link text and my image "button". The text length exceeds the with of the image. I can't seem to get the text to appear centered below the image either. Final goal= I don't want the image to change unless the cursor is directly over the image or the link text. HTML<div class="Leaf"><a href="" alt="Naturopathy" title="Naturopathy"><img src="a.png"></img>Naturopathy</a></div>CSSdiv.Leaf { text-align: center; margin: 0 6px 12px; width: 72px; height: 72px; border-style: none; background-image:url("b.png"); back
  5. Greenhorned Newbie here. Thanks for your patience. In a mobile environment I discovered my "button" image disappears. This happens right after the image is clicked and the new page is loading. Is this event bubbling? How would I account for it? <a style="text-align: center; border-style: none;" href="http://" style="color: #000000" onmouseover="document.getElementById('pic1').src='b.png'; this.style.color='#0ebfe9'" onmouseout="document.getElementById('pic1').src='a.png'; this.style.color='#000000'"><img src="a.png" id="pic1"><br>Click-here</a> I chose using the ab
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