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  1. Sorry think I didn't say it clear Step one person enter their url step two person website load in a iframe step three the person click on the element they want to add the tour on Step four a pop up shows for you to enter the data you want to show in that tour Problem if the person website elements have the same structure like div > menu > h1 and all the other elements in the menu is the same it will select all of them. But in side the elements div > menu > h1 could have text "home" and the other could be "about us" or anything even image video etc depending on what they choose to
  2. @dsonesukWould the user have to edit anything on their if i did it like below ?Because it depends on the person website how they made it websitediv.MySpecificClass121Tour.page-container.page-header-fixed
  3. I am creating a script where people can create a tour like Bootstrap tour without editing their website code. The code will be generate on my website and they just have to add a link on their website for the tour to work.The problem i am having is when the person website have the same for example div.page-container.page-header-fixed > div.page-footer > div.page-footer-wrap.bg-dark-gray > div.page-footer-holder.page-footer-holder-main > div.row > div.col-md-3 > h3 it will place the **tour pop up** on all items with the same structures like above code is their a way of te
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