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  1. Hi All,I got an idea about a music contest website.But it's impossible for me to do all of the stuff.I need a team or some help from all you guys.If you are an entrepreneur who want to work for yourself.If you know some coding stuff.If you are a music lover.I need a customized mp3 player with picture, a customized mp3 player with play list, flash voting system, members profile, gallery, comments, adding friends.Lots of social networking functions.I have already got a website (joomla)has basic function, but I need it more customized.I see a big future about my idea.You could e-mail or message m
  2. Hi All,I got an idea to start a business website, but my personally dont know how to coding, such as jsp, php, java, database.I need partners who want to have his own business and work for himself.Please contact me for details, or you can ask me the questions here.(xxxxxx@xxxxxxx.xxx)I am new here and not pretty sure about the policy of this forum.If I did anything wrong, please tell me, thanks!
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