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  1. That sounds like a likely problem to explore. How can I find out which picture mode Photoshop Elements 5.0 is using to save the image for the web?
  2. This was done in photoshop. Nothing exotic . The images display fine in Firefox. This must ne some IE7 issue. I can't get an answer on it anywhere.
  3. I am beginning to question my sanity now? Very strange....
  4. I did find a weird fix for it by accident. I zipped the folder to send to someone in tech support. I unzipped the folder on my laptop and the unzipped folder now displays the images on my laptop using IE7. The original unzipped versions images still don't display on my laptop using IE7. Any ideas why? Thanks..
  5. Resized gif's as well as resized jpg's will not display in IE7. They have all been saved for the web and diplay perfectly in Firefox. I could be doing something really stupid, but why does the page work perfectly in Firefox?
  6. The page is not on the web. I am stumped..
  7. The path is correct the images display in Firefox. This has something to do with IE7. I just don't know how to fix it.
  8. For firefox using the alt and the title attribute works great for displaying the tooltips. IE7 you just need the alt to display the tooltip. What is proper form though is another question.
  9. OK I resolved the Firefox issue. The tooltip displays there now. I had to add the title attribute to get the tooltip to show up on mouseover. I left the alt attribute in the code as well. With IE7 you only need the alt attribute to get the tooltip display. The IE7 issue is unchanged though in place of the image I get a text description in the panel where the image should be. I also get a tooltip just like before. I am confused again. Now the issue is with IE7. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. I use alt for the img and title for the links.. Who knows I am a noob with problems galore right now.
  11. Here is the code from the index.html<html> <head> <title>myPod</title> <style type="text/css"> body { background-color: #eaf3da; } </style> </head> <body><p><img src="logo/mypod.gif"></p> <h1>Welcome to myPod</h1> <p> Welcome to the place to show off your iPod, wherever you might be. Wanna join the fun? All you need is any iPod, from the early classic iPod to the latest iPod Nano, the smallest iPod Shuffle to the largest iPod Photo, and a digital camera. Just
  12. I am creating a website(actually following along in a book) and I am having some issues with Resized photoshop elements images that will not display in IE7(the Alt attributes works though). The exact opposite problem is occuring in Firefox while the Alt attributes don't work the images display properly. I have not been able to remedy this problem. The original photos display in my browser when using IE7 it is only the resized photoshop versions that are not displaying. Any help would be appreciated, thanks....
  13. Thanks for your quick reply. Peace...
  14. I created a personal web site that I didn't want indexed by search engines. I basically was just sharing it with family members and friends. I used meta tags to prevent indexing, archiving, following, etc,etc. I am quite new at this, but I would like to get my caveman site indexed and practice some caveman SEO. Can I just remove the no-follow tags and the no-index tags to let the bots do their work of getting my site in the search engine indexes? Any help would be appreciated.Peace...
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