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  1. Hi, If you use the touchpad "Swipe funktion)to scroll between the images instead of the keyboard arrows at: http://karimphoto.com/gallery-category/stories/#brick-making-in-bangladesh You will see that instead of slide one image it will slide two images or jump back and forth between different images. I understand if this is some that I can’t fix easily but thought I give it a try. On: http://dimsemenov.com/themes/touchfolio/ And WordPress 3.9.1 Thanks
  2. I got help with the very easy solution. Try adding this CSS:.page-id-247 img.aligncenter {height: 100%;width: 100%; }
  3. Think i have a easy issue for all people here. I received some help from stackoverflow and now I need the final adjustment. I would like to change the width on a specific page in Wordpress. I'm using the theme Touchfolio: http://dimsemenov.com/themes/touchfolio/about.html my page: http://karimphoto.com/about/ This is the code I'm using now to adjust the width: .page-id-247 .hentry, .page-id-247 .aligncenter { max-width: 700px !important; The only problem I have now after resizing the width is that the image won't resize any longer. Same problem on both computer and mobil
  4. Ok, the header is not a problem. I only need help to get it to work on Samsung Galaxy... This is how it appears on a Samsung now: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/6c6l6nd7164e4lg/AACox2XrU3lqvpznd7jkNedFa Using this code: body.myatu_bgm_body { background-color: #FFFFFF !important; background-position: 81% center !important; background-repeat: no-repeat !important; background-size: auto 85%; } @media (max-width:850px) { body.myatu_bgm_body { background-position: 0 0; background-size: contain; } } Anyone that have a solution I can try with? http://karimphoto.com/ Thanks
  5. Thanks Day. I'm glad that you like my work. I see what you mean with the sidebar/header. It's maybe not a problem to leave it as it is, but thanks for explaining and I'm going to give it a try and see if it look better with your code. Can you please explain more about this "Edit:The background image would be better place in "main-wrap" if possible then you can use footer (or add margin) as same height as sidebar/header to centre it equally from top/bottom"? Right now I'm using this code but still having problem to get it right on some mobile devices... body.myatu_bgm_bod
  6. Thanks allot @dsonesuk Now the custom stylesheet is working and I used the code with some adjustment you gave me. Maybe this works fine, I need to do some testing on different browsers and devices... body.myatu_bgm_body { background-attachment: fixed !important; background-color: #FFFFFF !important; background-position: 83% center !important; background-repeat: no-repeat !important; background-size: auto 85%; } Another thing I'm thinking about is that the image is sliding under the left sidebar if I make the screen size smaller. Any idea how can work on this? T
  7. Hi, I having problem with the placement of the background image which is generated with the plugin Background Manager together with the theme Touchfolio. Here is how my page looks now and this is how I would like it to look and funktion. Basically I would like to be able to adjust the placement of the image. I’m using Firebug and Chrome Developer Tools but don’t find where to do the changes or place the code… The custom stylesheet in background manager is not doing anything for me. In the end I’m looking for a solution with a background image viewer that changes on on page (re)load an
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