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  1. @justsomeguy, it seems you are right. I changed the password of root user for phpmyadmin (through phpmyadmin -> my_database -> privileges -> edit privileges -> change password AND I changed the $cfg['Servers'][$i]['password'] in C:\wamp64\apps\phpmyadmin4.5.2\config.inc.php to have the new value) and now I cannot get to connect to the database any more. The code line: $link = mysqli_connect("localhost", "root", "[mynewpassword]", "my_database"); returns "Warning: mysqli_connect(): (HY000/1045): Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: YES)" (I can still ma
  2. @justsomeguy, the code displays everything correctly -just not the current version of the data, an earlier version. If I add a new row now it will not show up at all: neither the image, nor the title/the description/etc, nothing will show up in the front-end as if the row was not in the table. I first noticed the issue with the image field because it was the one that was updated. When I manually (through phpmyadmin) change some data in my table, the change is not picked-up by the front-end. The previous data is still getting shown. This says "caching" to me. Maybe I am wrong, but I am not
  3. Code wise everything works fine - I do not get any errors nor anything returns false. The browser caching is not to blame either. As I mentioned in my original message, I've tried everything to clear the browser's cache and tried different browsers too, but no difference was made. @dsonesuk, I tried copying the entire table and used the new table instead and everything seemed fine. When I added a new row at the new table though, the new entry did not show up in the front-end. Again, I can only assume that there is some caching going on, and I am not referring to the browser's caching.
  4. Hi Don E, Thank you for your reply. Yes, the database is updated, I have checked in phpmyadmin, I am not getting any errors. There is only one database to connect to, the one with the updated names so I am positive that I am connecting to the right database. When I try to insert a new row the image is saved correctly into the table (file name only) but the new entry does not show up in the front end, as if nothing has been added to the database. So it seems that it is not limited to the images. It looks like caching is involved but I cannot figure it out. Any ideas?
  5. Hello everyone, I am not sure if this is the right place to post since I do not know for sure if it is PHP that causes my issue, so I apologize in advance if I shouldn't have posted here. I am using WampServer Version 3.0.0 64bit (Apache: 2.4.17 | PHP: 5.6.16 | MySQL: 5.7.9) on windows10. I am updating a website and I am keeping the database the same, except from some small optimizations here and there. I have a query that selects all active rows of a specific category, then I fetch the results and show the rows: if(mysqli_stmt_prepare($stmt, "SELECT * FROM myTableName
  6. Again, thank you very much!
  7. Even if I remove all whitespace and line breaks between the elements the gap remains. I ended up using "position: absolute;" as a last resort to address this gap problem, but you are right this is the reason for this topic's original problem. After removing absolute positioning, the only way I can get rid of the gap is by seting relative position to the footer div and also a negative top, eg position: relative; top: -150px; but I've read that this is a bad practice.
  8. Thank you dsonesuk, this does solve it. The problem is that if I change that, a gap appears between contentDiv and footerDiv. But I will look into this. Thank you very much!
  9. Hello everyone, I have been developing a site for fun lately (using Wampserver v. 2.5 on windows 8), and yesterday I was happy to realize that I have finished it! For the next logical step, I decided to check the site on other browsers (I was working with Chrome all the time), i.e. on Firefox and IE for the start. Everything works great except that my bottom div is not appearing at all at the two browsers. Even worse, on firefox only, the div does appear on a single page (contact.php) but it does not appear at any other of the almost 40 pages. I did check for differences between this certain
  10. Was this supposed to be my first post? Anyway, I guess it is better to be late than absent! Full name: Georgia GkolfinopoulouAlternative name(s): GogoBirth date(dd/mm/yyyy): 15/06/1987Gender: FemaleZodiacal sign: GeminiCountry of residence: CyprusCity of residence: NicosiaHeight: 1.70Weight: 65 kgEyes: light brownHair: wavy, long, light brownSmoking/Drinking/Drugs: No/No/NoFavorite Music: Greek rembetiko, Greek rock Favorite Movies: Too many... "Una pura formalita" is the one I can recall right now.Interest: Yoga, Cooking, Anime, Literature, Music, Movies and series and the WebPets: Markos
  11. Thank you for your answer! Placing the two backgrounds in two separate containers did work without requiring min-width to be set. I placed the first background in body and the second in header div. My only problem was that because my second background image was too high, the header was either too high or (if i set the header to be as high as I wanted) the bottom of my background image was covered by the content div, which is right bellow header div. I ended up redesigning the second background image, and although it required some photoshop labor time, I am very happy with the end result.
  12. I finally changed my second background image so that it can fit the header without exceeding the height I wanted for the header. I guess there is no way to make it stick to the upper right corner of the page whilst in the body: the top right of the body is supposed to be the top right of the viewport.
  13. No clues at all? I am really struggling with this! I have tried a ton of things, but nothing seems to work. The second background image keeps coming left on resize. The only think that make it stick to the right top corner is if I remove the second background image from the body style and add it to the header style: #headerDiv { width: 100%; height: 600px; /*as the height of the image*/ display: inline-block; overflow: hidden; background-image: url("wood.png"); background-repeat: no-repeat; background-position: right 0px top; } But now the header is too big, because I set the height to be 600
  14. Hello all! I am trying to make a main page with two background images: the first one should repeat vertically and horizontally and the second should be fixed in the upper right corner of the page. I have a login menu over the second background image. Also I have a regular image (not background) in the upper left corner of the page, and this is the logo of the site. My problem is that when I resize (size down) my browser's window the second background image moves to the left, and as I further size the browser's window down it keeps moving to the left until it completely moves below my logo. Th
  15. Thanks for the catch! Btw solved. The problem was the relative positioning of the div containing the links.
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