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  1. Dear, if you have database ready and just want to develop website and connect your site with database, you must use Entity frame work (Database first approach). With this you do not originally interact with SQL Queries. You have Data Context class and deals all tables as object.
  2. Wowww, yes its working, I am very happy, thanks to all.
  3. Dear Faal, yes these files are in same folder. When I click on button, nothing happened. There is no changing in webpage.
  4. I read topic about Ajax at W3School. I made firstAjax.html. I attached it. Then I create ajax_info.txt from where I want to receive data and print on html page. But code not work. Please help! firstAjax.html ajax_info.txt
  5. Name: Salman Mushtaq From: Lahore, Pakistan Education: Master in Information Technology Aim: Learn more and more, learn how to learn Interest: Programming, Single player computer games, bike riding, chess Feedback about forum: Forum really works nice and efficiently, a little suggestion is that introduced some practice tasks after end of every chapter.
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