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  1. Got it!!! Therefore, using the code above, it will be: for i = 0: text = "The number is 0" + <br> for i = 1: text = text + "The number is 1" that is: text = "The number is 0" + <br> + "The number is 1" + <br> for i = 2: text = text + "The number is 2" that is: text ="The number is 0" + <br> + "The number is 1" + <br> + "the number is 2" + <br> ... etc ... Thank you very much!!! :)
  2. Thanks niche, so I suppose is always fundamental to define a variable as a string or as a number (var number = 0 or var text=""). I still have to understand how the loop works and the importance of the variable 'text' for the code itself. I tried to delete the '+' from the code, and use text = ... instead of: text += "The number is " + i + "<br>"; and the result is only the last line, 'The number is 4'. So I do not understand what text = text + "The number is " + i + "<br>"; means inside the loop, if one should explain it in words. Taken for granted that understand "The number is " + i + "<br>", I suppose is just the code text = text + ... that prints out all the results of the loop. What happens there? For instance, for i=0 we should have: text = text + The number is 0... So what does 'text' represent? I am sorry if the question looks so banal, but I am really stuck in this loop
  3. Hi, I just started to study javascript and I came across in one of your page to the following notation: var text=""; The page is from w3school tutorial: http://www.w3schools.com/js/tryit.asp?filename=tryjs_loop_for_ex I do not understand what it means and why should be used in the loop of the above example. I tried to define var text; in its place but the result is: undefinedThe number is 0The number is 1The number is 2The number is 3The number is 4 The only difference is the world 'undefined' at the beginning of the first line. Many thanks in advance for your help
  4. Hi everybody, I was able with some research to find documentation on tabbed navigation. I gathered all the information I found, and decided to make a code entirely with css and css3. The look is nice, however I am unable to control the height of the tabs. I set a value in the class .tablist inside the css sheet, but the height does not increase if I change this value. Moreover it seems it depends on the font-size and on the padding value in .tablist li a. I attached four html pages (page1.html ... page4.html): page1.html page2.html page3.html page4.html and the css sheet: style.css Does any of any idea of how can I take control over the height of the tabs? Many thanks in advance
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