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  1. I need to know about the hgtml code helo me to minify the size of pop up window code or else alternative of javascript or j query for adding pop window code.
  2. Yes, I,m agree with ingolme. It will surely create problem without var keyword.
  3. What are the special code that I have to use for designing responsive website?
  4. Tell me guys how shoud I convert the number among the different bases of javascript.
  5. I want to know bereif knowledge about the session storage object in HTML5.
  6. If any one have idea about the list of best web design workflow tools then kindly tell me.
  7. What you do when You have big problem regarding CSS and also me tell what kind of online references you rad for your solution?
  8. Thank you so much for replying me such a best answer.
  9. Hi guys' I have big question regarding images in JavaScript I have 5 images and I have already code perfectly for slider but the problem is that when I m clicking on specific image then I m unable to stop that and even unable to see that image in big size. So friend suggest me how should I solve this.
  10. Hi guys, Want to know about latest technology or software people using for developing eCommerce and responsive website design.
  11. How to crate emailer using table tag?
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