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  1. same as first picture. but the actual website didnt show so!! how?
  2. IE 11.. But same result in chrome and firefox leh.
  3. But it works well in my editor.. which is the first picture. But it doesnot show so in explorer. that is why I cant figure out the problem.
  4. no.. this is the whole code as it is written by me..
  5. Hi, I am new to HTML. Just try to create an ordered list into unordered list in my website. First picture is what I want to see in my website. However, it doesnot show as this in the actual website (second picture). I tried different explorers, IE, firefox and Chrome. All give same outcome. so how to solve this problem? Thank you. By the way, the followings are my code: <font size = "4"> Content </font> <a name="top"> </a> <font size = "3"> <ul> <li><a href = "#graph">Graph</a> <ol> <li><a href = "#dd">dd-Graph</a></li> <li><a href = "#dt">dt-Graph</a></li> </ol> </li> <li><a href = "#speed">Wave Speed</a></li> </ul> </font>
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