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  1. Okay, sorry for the late response. Thank you guys so much, you all have been such a big help!
  2. Okay, uhm.. All I want is to purchase a domain name so nobody else buys it before me. Then, I would like to self host on that website. My question is; Is this even possible?
  3. My top three; HostMonster, GoDaddy, and HostGator. (Discount for hostgator is: HOSTGATORVIDEO) HostMonster is great for business, and is what I plan to use. They offer a lot of awesome help, and are recommended by many reliable websites. Offering over three different text editors, and even free website builders they are outstanding. Also, they are comparable with basically all databases, and also SQL, PHP, and more! Recommended A++++.
  4. Okay thank you, uhm. See, I was looking at Host Monster for the hosting service I wanted, but it would cost me $300... I just wanted to buy my domain name, and then go on to have free hosting. I'm really just not sure how to go about doing this.
  5. If I were to purchase, or register a domain name, can I self host it with WAMP?
  6. Next time try to put your code in the "code" function we have offered to us, as it helps us read it a lot quicker. As for the topic, there are plenty of tutorials out there that would be more helpful to learn how to do this, then for me to spoon feed. Here's a few examples; HERE. But, I was in your position when I first started too, so I am going to be of more assistance. #CLASS ul li a { display: block;}#CLASS ul li { display: inline;} I like to make the "a", a block so it covers the entire space of the button, and inline just makes them all line up horizontally. To help ev
  7. Okay sweet thank you guys, I'm going to look more into it as I get more advanced with web development. But, I have a new problem with the centering of my webpage, and I have a few questions... Okay, so I added a few pages by following this guide, and it works fine except that it is off centered on those pages, but it is running on the same CSS File? I cannot upload all of this to my website that you guys can view, until after school. But, I can explain. First here is my PHP Code for one of the pages: <!DOCTYPE html><html lang="en"> <head> <title>CodeMode - Login&
  8. Okay, I will.. Codecademy obviously teaches you nothing. Uhm, just as some quick help though. I changed all of my code to that. Every page is working except for my folders within a folder. They don't link properly with the images? Any possible solutions? *I just added a file named "inner_header", and linked that. Works like a charm, but is there a better way?
  9. Okay thank you, kind of off topic but this will really help me right now.. I don't really know what to call it, but I keep coping and pasting my header/footer to all pages. I remember reading somewhere you can use JavaScript to link them all back to the original or something? But I was wondering if you could do it in PHP? Thanks, any articles or tutorials would be awesome! Wow, did some searching I found this: <?pinclude 'filename.php';?> Please let me know if there is a better way.
  10. Okay, thank you. With that said, can I mail it to myself just as a test to see if it is working?
  11. Okay, I am a newbie to 'my network', do I let them connect by the WAMP server? Also, I went to 'CMD' and typed in 'ipconfig' which numbers am I looking for? Preferably the name, like I found these to seem important, which one?: IPv4 Address. .Subnet Mask . .Default Gateway
  12. I am using HTML5, PHP, SQL, and WAMP to attempt this project. First I have a question about my mailing system I've written; it's fully setup I believe, and tells me it successfully sent yet I never receive the emails? Now, I think that it's because it doesn't recolonize the database, if not can someone spot an error? I am currently using three files to make this simple system, contact.php, mailer.php, and thanks.php. HERE'S 'contact.php': <body> <div id="mainBody"> <form class="email" action="mailer.php" method="post"> <p>Name:</p> <input type="text
  13. Okay, I see.. Thank you, I looked over it, though it seems to be a little unstable. So I figured I would use JavaScript, and this is my code: <script type="text/javascript" src="home.js"></script> $("#teams").dblclick(function() { document.write("The paragraph was double-clicked.");}); But it doesn't work, and I tried it without the "#".
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