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  1. Hello, I have this array print: Array ( [0] => Array ( [name] => color [value] => red ) [1] => Array ( [name] => color [value] => blue ) [2] => Array ( [name] => color [value] => green ) [3] => Array ( [name] => age [value] => 16 ) ) I want to receive this result: Array ( [color] => Array ( [name] => color [value] => red, blue, green ) [age] => Array ( [name] => age [value] => 16 ) ) it works using the following php code: foreach ($feature_names as $row) { if (!isset($re
  2. I need the JavaScript part because i need to use a override controller on prestashop. I think my activeOnCats values are not send from JavaScript to PHP.
  3. hello, this is my javascript file: fcat = { initCatSelection: function () { $('#feature_form_submit_btn').on('click', fcat.overrideSubmit); $('.restoreButton > a').on({ mouseenter: fcat.switchRestore, mouseleave: fcat.switchRestore, click: fcat.restoreActiveCategories, }); fcat.selectActiveCategories(); }, selectActiveCategories: function () { var iniCat = $('#activeCategories').attr('initial_categories'); if (iniCat !== '' && iniCat !== null) { var catArr = iniCat.
  4. Hello, I have created a java-script file which needs to see which check-boxes are checked and pass it to PHP Testing platform: Url: https://crezzur.com/test/backoffice/ Login: test@w3schools.com Pass: w3school When logged in go to the name " height " then next the "view" button click on the arrow and select "edit". there you will see a checkbox tree called "Available categories". So i need to find whats the issue for my JavaScript code not working. When you select a checkbox for example "Women" it should pass the variable to my php code when pressing on the save button. PH
  5. Thanks for your explanation i am using the code below now and it does the job $result = []; foreach($not_distributed_feature_n_v as $v) { if(!isset($result[$v["name"]])) { $result[$v["name"]]["name"] = $v["name"]; $result[$v["name"]]["value"] = $v["value"]; } else { $result[$v["name"]]["value"] .= ", " . $v["value"]; } } $output[$this->l('Other Features')] = array_values($result); }
  6. how could i merge my array element so the print below results in the following output End result should be like this: [name] weight => heavy, less, diff [name] height => centimer Instead of: [name] weight => heavy [name] weight => less [name] weight => diff [name] height => centimer Current output: Array ( [Andere kenmerken] => Array ( [0] => Array ( [name] => weight [value] => heavy ) [1] => Array (
  7. i have this right now (https://jsbin.com/lelaxam/edit?html,js,output) using the folowing code to display the image link $("#sim-edit-testtest .image").val($('img').attr("src")); The only issue now is that it takes the FIRST link it finds, how can i select the img src from the object i click on ?
  8. Update: when you remove the <a> tag around the image it will show the image src, but i cant remove them for my project. any ideas?
  9. hello, i am working with jquery, thake a look at my jsbin code. when you click on the smile icon there popups a screen. Now the IMG field should be the IMG SRC. For some reason i cant get it to display the IMG SRC, any ideas?? https://jsbin.com/lelaxam/1/edit?js,output kind regards
  10. What do you think about doing it this way? Note: that this is only accessible for administrators who are logged in. The reason it needs to happens trough a browser is because a non programmer needs to be able to create, save and send if fairly easy. JS: run code every x-time (60 sec in example) <script type="text/javascript"> setInterval(function(){ document.forms["myform"].submit(); }, 60000); </script> Html code: with hidden input to send to php "timerdone" <form method="post" name="myform"> <input type="hidden" name="timerdone"> </form
  11. Hey all, I have a question about PHP SQL trigger from javascript My situation: - I have Swift-mailer (program to send mails trough php) - I use this to send approx 1500 newsletters. - Every +/- 100 newsletters my screen turns white, i have to refresh and click the send button again to send the remaining newsletters. What i want to achieve: - after sending 50 mails the sql queries stop (this is done by using the SQL command "LIMIT 50") - I want then to let javascript kick in and wait for X time (example 5 min) - After the 5 min it needs to restart the sql query by an automated
  12. mmmh i see, so this cannot be done this way, then i need to search further :/
  13. the strange thing is when i only have a img element in the div it works for image, if i only have a element in the div it works for url but it only shows 1 when i enable both functions, does it search in the first element only ? maybe it need to be alterd so it search in the entire div tag and not in the first element after the div tag ?
  14. $(function (){ // Resize function resize(){ $('.resize-height').height(window.innerHeight - 50); $('.resize-width').width(window.innerWidth - 250); //if(window.innerWidth<=1150){$('.resize-width').css('overflow','auto');} }$( window ).resize(function() {resize();});resize(); //Add Sections$("#newsletter-builder-area-center-frame-buttons-add").hover( function() { $("#newsletter-builder-area-center-frame-buttons-dropdown").fadeIn(200); }, function() { $("#newsletter-builder-area-center-frame-buttons-dropdown").fadeOut(200); });$("#newsletter-builder-area-ce
  15. Hey all i have following problem: I have a drag and drop editor which allow me to edit a URL, or allow me to edit a image trough a pop up screen. Now i want to change this so i edit the code of a image with URL (click able image). As you can see in the code below, everything works fine. Except it only shows 1 attribute So when i remove the <a></a> tags it shows the image url When i remove the <img></img tags it show the website url when i enable both only 1 shows up (website url) Anyone with a bit more javascript knowledge knows whats wrong ? Java
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