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  1. I was trying to avoid relative positioning, but I suppose I don't have much choice here - but what is weird is the mmxiv works with sub and Zagadka doesn't. I will follow up on the font tags, thanks.
  2. Well, the D character is supposed to just drop over the line over the menu, the text above the line is supposed to be just a few pixels over it. The "Old" page looks the same on Chrome and FF to me
  3. Hate to bump, but any other ways to deal with the text align? No idea why part of it works as sub and the other part doesn't
  4. It is attached to .min_eye, which is the first element in the body.
  5. I am trying to adapt my CSS to be correct, so doing a little revision - but I have a problem where I can't get the vertical-align to work. For reference to what I'm failing to do and what I'm aiming to do: New page - http://zagadka.net/test.blah.php Old page - http://zagadka.net/test2.blah.php I've got it well within acceptable deviation (and more responsible use of CSS) - except for the text align of the title on the upper right. On the old page it was absolute, and so was the line, so the "mmxiv з а г а д к а" bit lined up perfectly. I got the mmxiv lined up with vertical-a
  6. Alright, I fixed most of the issues (I may have to go back and redo some of the absolute layout positions later) So, I put the eye bit and the div in the lower left into a container div. I need the div in the lower left corner that needs to stretch vertically to the size the news div takes up, which is variable. How do I match that height?
  7. I know the fault here is somewhere that I defined a 100% height that CSS parses as expanding the full page. The primary example is http://zagadka.net For some reason, it even adds the horizontal scrollbar for just a few pixels, but the main thing, obviously, is that it doubles the page height after the page ends. Like I said, .I'm sure that it is a 100% height problem somewhere. Also of note is the .news section needing to be at 80%, or it extends to the right of the page. Again, I'm sure this is because it is doing 80% relative to the entire window, not just the remainder of the size
  8. Display on the following page (relevant code displayed below): http://zagadka.net/portfolio.php The primary problem is that the text in the right side divs (everything in outerDiv) sill simply not accept any padding-left, so the text lines up flush to the left side div (siteTumbnail). ((I had to do some inline CSS for custom colors)) .siteThumbnail { float: left; border: 5px solid; border-color: #152434; background-color: #152434; width: 500px; height: 275px; } .outerDiv { border: 5px solid; border-color: #152434; border-left: 0px; color: #152434; height: 275px; } .title
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