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  1. Thanks for this vital info. If I get it working for me I should be able to hand it over to our guys who deal server side requests.
  2. I think I'll put everything on page one & use an iframe to display the part I need on page two.
  3. I'd love to do that the trouble is that the "display" page will be on show for management who have no interest in the "controls" as such. They just want a visual aid of the status, it will be up to area owners to determine if there is a problem worhty enough to get their manager involved.
  4. Wow thanks Foxy, this is great info. I'm going to go re-hash the pages, I like the idea of the child being in an iframe of the parent. this should work a treat! Thanks again.
  5. Thanks Foxy, there are both on the same site at least.
  6. No Niche the button and image have different IDs, thanks.
  7. Hi all, This will be probably the newbiest question you have had to deal with! is it possible to trigger an event on one page which changes the source of an image on a different page? Background: I have created a display page with either red or green status indicators. The child page will have the "Controls" Here is my function function change() { var image = document.getElementById("imageID"); image.src = "red.png" } On the "Control" page I have a button with onclick attribute <input type="button" value="Hard Down!" id="hybButton" onclick="change();"> On the display page I have an image with an ID of "imageID" I can't get it to work, both pages are linked to the same .js file
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