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  1. I had a web link like the following <a href="someref?param1=123&param2=xyz"> It works fine but when validated - I get general entity "param2" not defined and no default entity note: in my example param2 is double_urlencoded = so looks more like param2=%252Fxyz) Nothing I found says the whole parameter should be encoded
  2. I have multiple div element blocks side by side and the title is the status of the item the block represents. If two have the same status then they have the same title. If the user moved between them the tooltip should disappear and reappear on the next block. This is true for Firefox and IE. For Chrome however if the user moves quickly enough the tooltip stays up but still hovering over the first item. If the element the tooltip is referring to has been left I believe it should dissapear. It seems the close is delayed slightly (probably usability) and the open also. But if the text
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