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  1. Hey again,I'm running into another Flash issue regarding a background image, but let me give you the whole back story:A client has a website up and they have a flash banner at the top of the page. a man and a woman pop up and some sort of mechanical-industry building type- thing, and there are supposed to be clouds in the background. They show up when you view the website on IE, but not on Fire Fox. I got onto their FTP site and downloaded their files and looked around for the flash image. When I previewed it, there were no clouds in the background. So I went back to the website and found that
  2. We have a banner made on Flash, and I've tried setting the height and width perameters on the image itself to try and get it to fill the empty white spaces, but it isn't working.I was wondering if anyone would be able to give some advice on this situation. Here is a link to a small image of what's going on.Thanks in advance.
  3. I agree that the header is a bit too eye-grabbing, but I'm really impressed with how everything is nicely put together and composed. The navigation is very simple (Thank God) and you didn't use blinding colours! Kudos! Very impressive work.
  4. Thanks a lot you guys.On top of this, does anyone know how to stop a flash movie/gif from looping?
  5. Ah yes, it's me again!This time I'm attempting to make a horse icon run. I've managed to make the main keyframes. However, the motion isn't fluid, and a regular tween isn't sufficient, as seen here: My colleague suggested using a shape tween, and I followed the "Hello World" tutorial, but the results were not very good. For those that haven't assisted me before, I am using Macromedia Flash 4, with the hopes of getting an upgraded program (but that will have to wait). Until then, any and all suggestions are appreciated. Thanks in advance,P.I.
  6. prog.infant

    FLASH issue

    Greetings,I'm new to Flash, and to those that had observed my previous issue with this program will also be aware that I am using an older version of this program, Flash 4 to be more precise. I don't have the option of getting an upgrade unless my boss wishes it, and I'm pretty sure he doesn't.Onto the task at hand:I've made a video for one of my boss's websites, and I was wondering if it was at all possible to resize the stage in order to make the resolution of the images better. (I had to use Adobe to shrink and crop the images used, which destroyed the original resolution)I know that you ca
  7. prog.infant


    I wouldn't say on impulse that my boss is a stickler for keeping things as long as possible, but that's how it seems-- especially when I've hinted at him several times to get Adobe Photoshop. I'm fully aware of how old this program is D: Unfortunately I don't think he'll comply, considering I would be the only employee complaining about it.However, if that's all that the issue is, then that's great! If it happens more frequently, I'll definitely run that by him, and will hopefully get a newer version of the program.Thanks a lot.
  8. prog.infant


    Hello one and all,My boss has recently implored me to begin working on Macromedia Flash 4 so that he will have some form of a graphics designer on his hands. So today when I went to work on the project that I had started yesterday, everything seemed to be working perfectly. The stuff that's supposed to move, moves and is great. However, whenever I try to copy a particular graphic that has been used in the project, Flash immediately freezes and pops up with: "Flash 4.0 r12 has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience....We have created an error report that y
  9. Hi, Although I do not consider myself a programming genius at all, I have managed to find myself working for a place that requires those skills. I took a course at school that got me through the basics of Visual Basic, Java, and HTML (where I already have studied on my own personal time). Where I work now requires me to learn more Java Scripting, SQL and HTML/XML. As my username suggests, I am a programming infant. I have far to grow. I'll likely be coming to this forum a lot to ask questions.Thanks, prog.infant
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