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  1. I've developed a site and want to allow them to manange the site from their browser window. Using the browser, how can I display the contents of a particular web folder so that the end user may delete one of the files (and possibly add a file as well)?
  2. Can anyone tell me how to set up my page so that my heading and menu will remain visible even as my user moves down a long web page? Currently, my heading and menu are at the top of the page, and they dissappear as the user scrolls down the page. I'm not a big fan of frames I might mention. Thanks!!!!!
  3. Eric, can you explain this in more detail? I'm trying to do something similar...I want my heading and links to remain at the top of the browser window as the user scrolls down a long page of text. I'm not a big fan of frames, however.
  4. I'm curious about the formating options available for scroll bars. First of all, how can I change the color to the existing scroll bar? Also, I would prefer to avoid showing the scroll bars entirely and instead use another less obvious design to display them.
  5. I have been working with classic ASP for several years. Should I continue to develop with classic ASP or should I learn ASP.NET? If I should learn something new, would it be better to learn ASP.NET or PHP? How long will Windows continue to support classic ASP? Can you provide any statistics for the aproximate number of users out there for each one?
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