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  1. Greetings all, I'm Sean. I live and work in Kagoshima, Japan. I run my own business which lets me both play with my kid during work breaks and drink too much wine with lunch. I started programming in BASIC on the Commodore 64/128, then PIC microchips, Game Maker GML, UnityScript, and now Javascript, HTML, and CSS. Hoping to get rich with an online business. I keep chickens but don't name them because they end up as dinner. I don't like competitive sports but love SCUBA diving, mountain climbing, and camping. I ride my bicycle whenever I can. My wife is sexy and scary at the same time, and she's pregnant with number 2. In April my son will arrive to much fanfare because my wife's family has only had girls for about 4 generations. (My wife wasn't very happy when the doc said that we will have a boy, and even less happy with my dancing around the doc's office in joy.) Any questions about Japanese? I'll trade web coding knowledge for Japanese lessons if you have the need.
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