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  1. I know how to determine and find all the malicious code within all the files of a domain however, I get about eight different hacked domains daily so i need something to speed up the process. Which language do you recommend i use to find the code as explained above? And could you point me into the right direction to identify the start (<?php), content (PCT4BA6ODSE) and end (?>) of the malicious code?
  2. I'm trying to automate the clean-up of hacked websites but unfortunately I have great ideas but not enough knowledge to create the solution that i have written down. I want to create a script which will search the following code <?php*.*PCT4BA6ODSE*.*?> within all .php files of a folder including sub folders. In this code the symbol *.* can be really anything for example; File: <?php $sF="PCT4BA6ODSE_";$s21=strtolower($sF[4].$sF[5].$sF[9].$sF[10].$sF[6].$sF[3].$sF[11].$sF[8].$sF
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